Video Overview | Timemore G1 Plus Manual Grinder

Video Overview | Timemore G1 Plus Manual Grinder

Jan 27th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The G1 Plus features a titanium-coated version of Timemore's new E&B burrs, which are capable of grinding efficiently for any brewing method, including espresso. Other notable features, which were included on the original Chestnut model of the G1, include the black walnut finishes, thick stainless steel body, and unique grinds-catch locking detents. Watch Steve introduce the G1 Plus and then show how quickly it grinds on the finer settings.


Timemore G1 Plus

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Hey, I'm Steve with Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to take a look at the G1 Plus from Timemore. So if you've seen the Chestnut G1 from Timemore, then you've pretty much seen this grinder. It is the same body, it's the same package. So you still have this aluminum unibody frame which includes those two internal supports, really thick. You have the stainless steel axle, the dual bearings, you have this stainless steel crank arm, this black walnut pommel here, and the black walnut down here on the grinds catch, although on the inside of that, it's going to be aluminum as well. And you have this ball that fit into these groves onto the main body, and that's how you get the grinds catch on. So all of that is pretty much going to be the same. So the only thing that has changed here, and it's a really important change, is going to be in the burr set. So on the original Chestnut G1, you had your choice of two burrs. You could either choose the titanium burrs, the stainless steel burrs coated in titanium, and these work great for espresso. And then, you also had the choice of these stainless steel burrs that work best for brewing coffee. So sort of your coarser than espresso methods. You would want to get these. And the reason why you had these two burrs is because the stainless steel burrs could not feed very efficiently when you got down into the espresso range. What Timemore did was instead of having these two options, they wanted the user to be able to do both. And so, they created this dual-purpose burr set and they're calling this the Espresso and Brewing burrs or the E&B burrs.

And you could see that it is actually quite different from the other stainless steel burr in that it has these little teeth on the breakers at the top here. And we find that these teeth are probably the reason why it sort of grabs onto that coffee and feeds really efficiently down into the grinds catch on those finer settings. So as far as the hopper goes here, because it's the same body as the Chestnut G1, it can fit the same amount. So we're talking about 30 grams max here for light-roasted, medium-roasted coffee. Here's a blend of Columbia and Guatemala. I have 30 grams here, just to give you kind of an idea of what that looks like. We are all the way to the top, but still, there's a little bit of room so that youc an fit the lid on and you can still grind. And as far as grind time goes, here, 18 grams, and I have it set here on 8 clicks, which is what Timemore recommends for starting with espresso. You're really going to have to play with this until you can find the setting that works for you. So here's 8 and 18 grams in here. I'm going to show you just how long this does take to grind. Like I said, this is a stepped grind adjustment. So if you do grind here on setting number 8 and it's too fast, you do know that you're going to have to go down to setting number 7. And then, it might be too slow, and then, you're going to have to find kind of that happy medium with adjusting the dose.

So we find that it takes just a little less than a minute, depending on how fast you're going here with these new stainless steel burrs, the E&B burrs. So they're pretty efficient. You can feel pretty much the coffee being grabbed by these because of those little teeth on the side. And there we go. So that's the E&B burrs there. And you can see how fine that is, so. To give you kind of the comparison and the reason why Timemore wanted to create these new burrs is because here is the original Chestnut G1, here's 18 grams of the same coffee. And I just want to go ahead and start grinding here and just show you kind of how long this does take if you want to do espresso. It doesn't feel the same as the other one. It does not feel like much is getting done here. You can't really feel the coffee being grabbed by the burrs. It feels like a little bit of the time maybe, it's getting through. Again, this is the same setting. This is 8 and that's what Timemore recommended on those burrs as well. Still going here. And we have a good amount. But, yeah, we still have... you can see that, probably about half of the coffee is still in there. So much faster, much more efficient over here on the new Timemore G1 Plus. So as far as the grind adjustment goes, all Timemore grinders use this stepped grind adjustment, which is a dial underneath that center burr, and that you turn clockwise to fine the grind and you turn it counterclockwise to coarsen the grind and, sort of, you turn it all the way down to 0, your 0 point and you count the clicks back off of 0 until you find your desired setting. It also comes with a brush to clear away any of that retention underneath that center burr between the dial and that center burr there, and this canvas bag for travel, but this is a really beautiful grinder, so you're probably going to want to keep it out on the counter. So that is the Timemore G1 Plus. It comes with these great E&B burrs which means that you can grind for both espresso and for brewing, so your pour over and all the way up through your French press, without losing out any of that quality. You can find it online at

Jan 27th 2021 Reagan Jones

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