Video Overview | Timemore Nano Hand Grinder

Video Overview | Timemore Nano Hand Grinder

Feb 24th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

Standing at just 5-inches tall, 3-inches wide in its folded form, the NANO is the most compact grinder in Timemore’s Chestnut line and the quintessential travel grinder. Watch to see its features, including the collapsible handle, removable pommel, and 38mm conical burrs, in action.


Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder

Two burr options — stainless steel or titanium coated

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Hi, I'm Steve with Prima Coffee. And today, we're going to take a look at the Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder. ♪ As the name implies, this is a really compact grinder. It stands at just 5 inches tall, and it can be made even smaller on the diameter by collapsing this handle. Just pull this middle piece, and the spring helps you to collapse the handle. It falls against the body. You can remove this black walnut pommel as well to make it just 3 inches in diameter. So, this is perfect for travel, you throw it in your suitcase and go, or just to save room in your kitchen. The black walnut pommel has a magnet on the inside, so it just clicks really easily against that. The only downside to that design is if you are grinding pretty fast, the handle may come off in your hand. But that should just regulate your grinding so it's a nice, even, steady grinding motion and not overdoing it. So, a couple of really neat features on this are the diamond pattern which is raised, so it makes it very easy to grip when you're doing the grinding. And it has this bumper on the backside, this rubber bumper on the backside, the reverse of the pommel so that when it does collapse against the body, it doesn't scratch it up. So, it protects that.

So, it's really interesting texture, but it will scratch. So, that's a really thoughtful part of the design from Timemore. So, the materials. This is an aluminum unibody design, meaning that the body here is cut from a single piece of metal, including these two struts on the inside. The grind's catch's also aluminum. The handle is stainless steel as is the axle on the inside. There are two stainless steel bearings on either side of that central column. And that facilitates just a really smooth grinding motion. Inside here, we have 38-millimeter conical steel burrs, but you can also choose to have the 38-millimeter stainless steel burrs coated in titanium. The difference between the two is that the titanium coated burrs cut a lot sharper and are really good down near the finer range whereas the stainless steel is really effective in the midrange, but not so much as you get finer. The problem is that it takes a really long time with the stainless steel burrs to grind fine. And with the titanium coated burrs, they are really fast. For context, it took me 10 minutes to grind 19 grams for espresso with the stainless steel burrs and just about 2 1/2 minutes to do the same with the titanium-coated stainless steel burrs. So, there's a big difference there. On the bottom, we have a stepped adjustment wheel, which means that you cannot make the really minute adjustments, you can just adjust to each click.

So, to adjust, you will need to put the lid on, and because of its size, it's really simple. You know, you can hold it all, just hold the top part with your thumb because you need to have the axle stable in order to turn the wheel. So, you can just hold that top part there and turn this to the left for coarse, and to the right for finer. The Nano also comes with a couple of really great accessories, including this brush which is used just to clear away some of that retention. And this is cool because not all manual grinders will come with a brush. It also comes with this travel bag. It's made of canvas. It fits the Nano in there really well, throw that in your suitcase. The other feature is this instruction manual. It does include how to grind, how to adjust the grind, but also a really helpful tool is this starting guide for grinding. We find that this guide is actually pretty accurate. It says 6 to 12 for espresso, 15 to 24 for pour over, and 24 and above for French press. We couldn't get coffee to come through the burrs into the grind's catch until about eight clicks, but that's just two clicks off. The same is true of the pour over. It says 15 to 24. We were finding around 17 to be the good start for V60. So, that is the Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder. Compact design with several really thoughtful features, make it a perfect travel companion. You can find it online at

Feb 24th 2021 Reagan Jones

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