Video Overview | Urnex 1 - 2 Cold Brew Cleaning and Sanitizing Kit

Video Overview | Urnex 1 - 2 Cold Brew Cleaning and Sanitizing Kit

Jul 12th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Cleaning up after cold brew just got a whole lot easier. With Urnex's 1 - 2 Cold Brew Cleaning and Sanitizing Kit, eliminating coffee oils and bacteria from your brewing buckets or tap systems is a elementary. Discover how Urnex's 1 - 2 Cold Brew Kit works in this video, as Caleb shares on this effective cleaning and sanitizing solution.


Urnex Clearly Cold Cold Brew and Dispensing Equipment Cleaner

Removes coffee oil residue from both brewing and serving equipment

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Hey friends. Caleb here with Prima Coffee. Today, we're taking a look at Urnex's 1-2-Cold Brew. It's a simple solution to cleaning cold brew brewers and cold brew tap systems. It's a two part process. There is the Clearly Cold cleaning solution detergent, and then the Complete Cafe sanitizer. As you know, coffee oils can build up in brewers, causing off flavors to go into your next batch. They can also trap bacteria behind them. So, it's both an issue of flavor and safety. So, here to save the day is the 1-2-Cold Brew solution from Urnex. So, what you do is you start with the Clearly Cold solution. You mix this into your five gallon bucket. You do 30 milliliters of the solution to 4 gallons of water.

You let that sit for up to 15 minutes , and then you drain it thoroughly and rinse it just with regular clean water. Okay. So, once we finish the Clearly Cold solution, we'll move onto the sanitizer, the Complete Cafe. What you're going to do is mix 30 milliliters of the complete cafe with 4 gallons of water inside your brewer, you're going to let that sit for about a minute, and then you're going to dump it out and then just let it air dry. So, it's not something that you rinse out, because it's going ot keep sanitizing it after it's dumped out. So then, you just let that air dry and you're ready to go again. So, it's a very simple process. One part Clearly Cold and one part Complete Cafe. So, yeah. That is the Urnex 1-2-Cold Brew cleaning and sanitizing kit. Thanks for watching.

Jul 12th 2018 meredithlangley

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