Video Overview | Urnex Roaster Sprayz

Video Overview | Urnex Roaster Sprayz

Mar 26th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

This phosphate-free, biodegradable cleaner from Urnex breaks up oils and residue that collect on and alter the vital surfaces of a roaster. In this video, Steve talks about the reasons for cleaning a roaster and then shows the Roaster Sprayz hard work.


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Hi, I'm Steve with Prima Coffee and today we're going to talk about the Urnex Roaster Sprayz. So the Roaster Sprayz will work for your home or your commercial roasters, you just have to make sure that you don't use it on painted surfaces, and you don't use it on aluminum. So why clean a roaster? So in particular, you would do it because the oil and the residue that build up in there can disrupt the flow of air, which is really important for the roasting process and the quality of the coffee that you roast. And secondly, because any of the oils in here, along with the chaff that build up are flammable. And so it is a fire hazard to sort of let it go too long and become too dirty. So Roaster Sprayz is made of phosphate-free and biodegradable ingredients, so it's safe to use on your roaster. And so what it does is it's a high foaming solution that clings to the oils and the residues and breaks them up and allows you to wipe them away. So how do you use the Roaster Sprayz? It is very simple to use. You would just disassemble the roaster, take out the parts that you want to clean. So like I said, we have the drum here, we have the cover to the funnel, we have the chaff collection tray, we have the bearing plate and we have the face of the roaster itself. It's anything that's going to collect those oils, it's going to come in contact with the green coffee, or it's going to come in contact with the chemical reaction happening during the roasting process. So all you need to clean with the roaster spray is the Roaster Sprayz, a bottle of water that you're going to use after you've used that to wipe away any residue, two rags, one for the Roaster Sprayz and one for the water phase. And then you need to disassemble the roaster down to all the components that you want to clean. And then you need a vacuum or a brush to clear away all of the chaff on the components that you're going to clean. So I want to show you how well this works. The first step is just to spray a little Roaster Sprayz on to the component that you want to clean. And then you let it sit for about one minute to five minutes depending on how much build up there is. So there's a lot on here, so we're going to go for a couple of minutes. Okay, so as you can see, like most of the residue, especially that was here on the outside, and on the inside here, there's a little bit there that we still need to probably spray a little more on to but it was able to remove all those oils. So the next step after doing that is to take your clean rag and a little bit of water. And to spray the component, just spray it with water. And then take your clean rag and sort of wipe it down just to make sure all of the residue from the Roaster sprayz has been removed. So that is the Roaster Sprayz from Urnex. As you can see, it works really well to clean away any of those residues that have collected on your equipment. And it is made of phosphate-free and biodegradable ingredients so it is completely safe to use for the components of your roaster.

Mar 26th 2021 Reagan Jones

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