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Yield Press glass and ceramic french presses.


Hey, y'all. Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here, and in front of me are Yield Design Co.'s glass and ceramic french presses. Yield is a small design company based out of St. Augustine, Florida. They manufacture some kitchen accessories, personal accessories and also furniture. We are really excited to be able to offer these french presses. They are a very fresh perspective on a very traditional brewer. As you can see, they have great straight lines and a really warm kind of aesthetic.

Yield Design Ceramic French Press

850 mL capacity for 3-6 cups

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Yield Design Glass French Press

850 mL capacity for 3-6 cups

Featured Product

So let's take a look at the ceramic one here. You can see this is pretty thick, and especially if you're going to preheat it with hot water, these are going to retain their temperature really well throughout your brew. The ceramic is made in partnership with a fair trade ceramic house out of Hanoi, Vietnam, and then these are assembled here in Florida. They come in kind of a matte gray finish, a shinier black and a cream color. Over here, moving on, we have the glass versions. These are made of borosilicate glass, and you might be familiar with that term. It's commonly used in coffee brewing equipment, because it can withstand high temperatures very well, and it's also pretty shock-resistant. These are also remarkably lightweight.

So these presses feature a very fine mesh steel filter, a steel rod, and then a copper pull on top. And one thing that's really great about them is if you don't want to use plastic or rubber, you don't have to. These are a great option. Only steel and copper and glass or ceramic and that's it. Nothing toxic about it. So I'm finishing up a brew here. It's just about three and a half minutes. Pretty excited about this. And now, these things are so elegant and modern, they're going to fit right in with any kitchen, really. The most updated kitchen, you'll be really proud to have these on your counter, and that's really why we love them. So check out the ceramic and glass Yield French Presses at Thanks for watching.

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