Linea Mini Retrofit Kit

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If you have an older Linea Mini this retrofit kit will bring it up to speed and make it compatible with the La Marzocco Home app for smartphone.


5 lbs
14 in
8 in
4 in


This retrofit kit for your Linea Mini comes with all of the parts you need to make your machine compatible with the La Marzocco Home app for iOS and Android, giving you more control and new ways to engage with your espresso machine. With the app you can now turn your machine on and off remotely or schedule on and off times to match your routine, enable and adjust pre-brew times, monitor stats like boiler status, total shot count, and more.

This kit is compatible with all Linea Mini Machines with serial numbers LM015905 and below, if your machine is serial number LM015906 or above you’re already set up for La Marzocco Home Connected Machine compatibility.


  • Makes your Linea Mini compatible with La Marzocco Home Connected app
  • Remote ability to turn the machine on and off
  • Create your own on/off schedule
  • Check boiler temperature status and control it
  • Create and set pre-brew on/off times
  • Check machine stats and total shot counter
  • Compatible with Linea Minis with serial numbers LM015905 and below
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