Mahlkonig EK43/EK43 S Coffee Grinder Replacement Burrs | Standard and Turkish

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  • Mahlkonig E K 43 replacement Turkish burr set overlapping on a white background.
  • Mahlkonig E K 43 burr set standing up against a black background.
  • Mahlkonig E K 43 burr set, with one close up that is out of focus and one at a distance that is in focus.
  • One Mahlkonig E K 43 Turkish burr laying down and one standing upright on a white background.


Even Great Burrs Get Old

Whether your Mahlkonig EK43 came with the Standard Burrset or the Turkish Burrset, you know that those 98 mm flat-burrs are extraordinarily talented at producing a beautiful grind consistency. That's why it's a favorite batch grinder for both cafes and serious home enthusiasts. Even though these burrs come quite close, nothing lasts forever; so if you are finding that your EK43 is not producing its characteristic consistency and versatility, it may be time for you to replace your burrs. Both the Standard and Turkish replacement burrs are the exact same as same those that were originally shipped with your machine and will bring your grind consistency back up to par. Or, if you are looking to change out your grind range, either will fit your EK43 perfectly!


  • 98mm steel flat burrs
  • Made by Mahlkonig for the EK43
  • Manufacturer throughput estimate: 14,300 lbs
Mahlkonig EK43 Burr Spec Sheet


Inner Diameter: 54 mm
Outer Diameter: 98 mm
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Material: Steel
Throughput Estimate: 14,000 lbs of Coffee
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