Mazzer Robur Replacement Burrs

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1.5 lbs
2.95 in
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Mazzer grinders are known for their grinding precision and durability, but even these heavyweights need their burrs replaced eventually. Quality burrs that are clean and sharp remove another cause for worry and get you even closer to enjoying the delicious coffee you've worked for. Moreover, these replacement burrs are pre-seasoned, so Mazzer's legendary grinding consistency can be expected right out of the box. OEM from Mazzer, these are for the Mazzer Robur Dosered and Mazzer Robur Electronic versions.


  • Conical steel replacement burrs for Mazzer's Robur espresso grinder
  • Dimensions: 71mm Outer x 14mm Inner x 25mm Width
  • The manufacturer rates these burrs for approximately 1,700lbs
  • Part number: 186C
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6/27/2016 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Great quality!

I bought and installed these burrs about a month ago and it's made a world of a difference in my espresso. Great quality, great price

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