Option-O Contemporary TiN-coated burr set for REMI Hand Grinder

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The REMI comes standard with what Option-O calls the "œconventional" burr set—38mm stainless steel burrs engineered specifically for brewing coffee, not espresso. At the finer ranges, especially those appropriate for espresso and Turkish coffee, the REMI's conventional burr set simply cannot effectively move coffee through and into the grinds-catch. But that was never the point. The "œcontemporary"—or espresso burr set—on the other hand, was engineered specifically for the finer range to accommodate the home barista with an espresso machine, Robot, or Ibrik, and a penchant for finding the precise grind. Moreover, the contemporary burrs are coated in a layer of titanium nitride, which reduces surface friction, making for a quick and nearly effortless grinding session, and increases the lifespan of the burrs by a factor of five. Plus, the REMI has a stepless grind adjustment wheel, so it is entirely possible with the contemporary burrs to make tiny yet significant adjustments to grind size, a necessary feature for dialing in espresso or Turkish coffee.


For the contemporary burrs to work properly, i.e. to grind fine enough for espresso in a reasonable amount of time (e.g., give or take two minutes for an 18g batch), they must be properly aligned. We have found that this requires a careful and patient approach, as outlined below.

Remove the Conventional Burrs

    1. Hold the grinder sideways and turn the grind adjustment wheel counterclockwise until it comes free. Put it somewhere safe.
    2. The center burr is now free, too. The easiest way to remove it is to turn the grinder rightside up, keeping a hand under the bottom opening, and the burr will fall out.
    3. The magnetic ring is next. Remove the three screws along the perimeter. Then, keeping the grinder on its side, slide out the ring.
    4. The outer burr, and the wedge key that holds it in place, will be free once the ring is removed. Be careful, though, because the key is tiny and is a necessary component for the installation of any burr set in the REMI. Turn the grinder rightside up, keeping a cupped hand under the bottom opening to catch the key, and the outer burr and key will fall out. Now comes the hard part. Logic dictates that the exact opposite of the burr removal is in order for burr installation.That is mostly true, but the final step, which includes alignment, is slightly different from and not as simple as the first step of the burr removal.

Install the Contemporary Burrs

    1. Slide the outer burr into its place. Notice that a notch, or flattening, in its side corresponds to the key slot.
    2. Replace the key. This is a little tricky. The key can be placed top- or bottom-first but not on its sides.
    3. Replace the magnetic ring, lining up the screw holes.
    4. Tighten the three screws but not all the way down—leave some play in each, enough that when shaken, the ring and burrs can be heard clicking against one another. This is crucial for alignment.
    5. Put the center burr on the axle with the cone facing up and dots facing down. Be sure to align the notch on the burr with the key on the axle or the burr will not slide correctly into its place.
    6. Put the adjustment wheel on the axle and screw it clockwise all the way to the zero point, which is the point at which the burrs meet and the wheel can no longer be turned.
    7. The final step is to tighten the screws on the magnetic ring, which in turn pushes the outer burr into its place. The burrs are now aligned and the REMI is ready to grind.

What's in the Box

  • REMI Contemporary Center Burr
  • REMI Contemporary Outer Burr


  • Titanium nitride coating for longer lifespan
  • Increases the REMI's grinding range
  • Capable of grinding for espresso and Turkish coffee


Model: Option-O TiN-coated Burr Set for REMI Hand Grinder
Outer Burr Diameter: 38mm
Outer Burr Height: 17mm
Center Burr Diameter: 29.3mm
Center Burr Height: 20mm
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