2022 Commercial Products Of The Year

2022 Commercial Products Of The Year

Nov 28th 2022 Written by Ryan Felbinger

Each year, as another winter closes in, we slip on our heavy socks, fill a festive mug, and take a moment to reminisce on the progress of coffee equipment technology and innovation. And with a thrill of hope, we gleefully shift our eyes towards new and exciting things to come. If you love coffee equipment as much as we do, there’s a lot to be joyful about this year. To celebrate, we’ve made a list. And yes, we checked it twice. So cozy up and read on for our top picks for commercial coffee equipment for 2022, and a little preview of what’s coming down the chimney in 2023.

New in 2022

ditting 807 Lab Sweet coffee grinder

Ditting 807 Lab Sweet Retail Coffee Grinder

In its newest iteration, the 807 Lab Sweet is the modern evolution of the classic Ditting 804. This multi-purpose commercial grinder is equipped with Ditting’s incredible 80mm cast steel Lab Sweet burr set, producing a dense and sweet cup that offers refreshing contrast to the flavors of standard flat burr commercial coffee grinders. The 807 Lab Sweet includes a folding platform for cupping bowls, a clamp for bag grinding, and a large steel cup for single dose brewing. This grinder is capable of grinding about 2 lbs per minute, and up to around 25 lbs per day. If you’re thinking of ways to make your coffee stand out from the rest, consider the Ditting 807 Lab Sweet coffee grinder this year!

Mahlkonig E80s GbW

Mahlkonig E80S GbW Espresso Grinder

Could this be the greatest espresso grinder ever made? It’s certainly in the conversation. The Mahlkonig E80S GbW combines the power and speed of the Mahlkonig E80 Supreme with the technology and precision of the Mahlkonig E65S GbW. Featuring grind by weight technology, the E80S GbW doses a programmed weight, accurate to within 1/10th a gram (or just a couple coffee beans). No more fiddling around with grind time every time you adjust grind size in the middle of a rush. The built-in scale and algorithm dispenses the exact programmed weight, no matter what. Not only is it super accurate, but it’s also super fast. The E80S Supreme can produce 18g of espresso grounds in only 2.5 seconds, and can handle a duty cycle of 6 shots per minute. It’s hard to stop writing about this grinder, because it completely changes everything. Did we mention you can install Ditting Lab Sweet burrs in it as well? Ok... we’re done!

Linea Classic

La Marzocco Linea Classic S

When you think of a commercial espresso machine, you might think of the Linea Classic. If not, you should, because for decades it’s remained the gold standard for specialty cafes all around the world. It was the first of its kind to offer dual boilers with independent PID temperature control, allowing for greater precision and consistency than ever before. 30 years on, La Marzocco sought to refresh the Linea with modern features while remaining true to the original spirit of the Linea Classic. The Linea Classic S is now equipped with a digital shot timer, updated push buttons with better tactile feedback, a super efficient half-turn steam valve that requires less effort from the barista, and even wifi compatibility for use with La marzocco’s ‘Pro App’, offering the barista a range of controls over the machine. Combined with its new sleek and timeless aesthetic, the Linea Classic S is poised to retain its stature for decades to come.

Coming in 2023

Synesso ES1

Synesso ES1

As we cross into the first quarter of 2023, Synesso, a boutique espresso machine manufacturer out of Seattle, WA, will begin the new year with a loud bang. The ES1 espresso machine is a single group espresso machine technically classified for home use, but it is overbuilt to full commercial spec for use in small commercial operations as well. This prosumer espresso machine includes many features that discerning home baristas have come to expect, including dual boilers, direct-plumb or reservoir capability, programmable pressure profiling, pre-infusion, a large, vivid touch screen and display, powerful steam capability, volumetric dosing, and many more features. The ES1 will contend strongly with La Marzocco’s GS3 single group commercial espresso machines for a spot at the top of the single group market.

HeyCafe Buddy Grinder

HeyCafe Commercial Coffee Grinders

In 2019, Chinese grinder manufacturer HeyCafe joined German Hemro Group, the parent company over Mahlkonig, Ditting and Anfim brands. HeyCafe grinders fulfill a need in the economy range, comparing most closely to Bunn or Grindmaster or Macap grinders. At just over $1000, the HC-880 and HC-880S are wonderful flat burr batch brew or pour over grinders for any cafe getting off the ground. The ‘Buddy’ espresso grinder puts out around 2-3 grams per second and features simple, programmable timed dosing, making it a perfect option for smaller cafes, decaf or a single origin grinder. If you’re a roaster trying to fulfill the needs of clients with offices, bakeries or restaurants, the HeyCafe line is a great place to direct your customers. Beginning in early 2023, Prima will offer HeyCafe both direct to consumer and wholesale to clients who intend to resell the equipment they purchase.

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Nov 28th 2022 Ryan Felbinger

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