AeroPress Brewing Guide

AeroPress Brewing Guide

Dec 7th 2022 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

The AeroPress exploded into the coffee scene in 2005 and raked up an impressive following of home brewers and travelers alike, going as far as to inspire an entire competition dedicated to the craft of AeroPress brewing. And let's be clear, the hype isn't unwarranted, as it consistently produces delicious brews. Due to its supreme popularity, there are countless recipes on the web, but we've crafted a simple, no-frills recipe suitable for those at any experience level.

Enjoy our brew guide equipped with a full recipe, necessary equipment, and step-by-step instructions to help you get started brewing with your Aeropress!


  • Coffee dose: 14g
  • Water Weight: 200g
  • Grind Size: Medium-Fine
  • Water Temp: 175F

Place your filter into the cap of the Aeropress and attach to the brew chamber. Add your coffee to Aeropress and shake to level the grounds.

Step 1

Start your timer and pour 50 grams of water. Stir with the paddle or spoon and allow it to bloom for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Aggressively pour the remaining 150 grams of water, stir, and insert the plunger to create a seal.

Step 3

At one minute begin to plunge. Continue plunging completely, remove AeroPress from the server or mug and enjoy!

Step 4

For additional content, including modification tips, grind setting suggestions for popular grinders and a photo for size reference, join the Prima Coffee Community!

Dec 7th 2022 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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