Cafe Review: Remedy Coffee in Knoxville

Cafe Review: Remedy Coffee in Knoxville

Mar 20th 2014 Written by Ross Parmly

I grew up in Knoxville, Tennesse, and when I head home it's the same iconic picture that enters my mind: I see the Sunsphere, I hear Market Square, I feel that Volunteer pride... but I've never before smelled good coffee. Enter Remedy.

It's easy to forget how cities change. I grew up in Knoxville, Tennesse, and when I head home it's the same iconic picture that enters my mind: I see the Sunsphere glistening, I hear the shuffle of feet walking through Market Square, I feel that Volunteer pride booming from Neyland Stadium. But there's something that has always been missing... the smell of good coffee. Enter Remedy.

Remedy Coffee front door to cafe
Remedy Coffee menu

Remedy Coffee is tucked away on a quaint street in the Old City District of Downtown Knoxville. Upon first entering the shop it's clear that their focus is community. The espresso bar takes a backseat to the comforting buzz of casual conversation. Customers seem genuinely excited to spend their evening at Remedy, and it makes me want to spend my evening there too. This place feels like home.

I soaked in the atmosphere for a minute, then stepped up to order. My tradition, anytime I visit a new place, is to first get an espresso, then either a pour-over or specialty drink. This time, having my wife with me, I felt no guilt in getting all three. Five minutes later we had our espresso, mocha, and a mug full of coffee straight from the Chemex. All of them were delicious, but the pour over stole the show.

The Chemex wonderfully showcased Intelligentsia's latest offering from Rwanda. The cup was bursting with fresh blackberries and hints of citrus. The tea-like mouthfeel and clean finish made this an exceptionally pleasant, even refreshing, cup. Remedy serves only Intelligentsia coffees, so you can rest assured that you'll be enjoying some of the best beans in the world.

In addition to the coffee, Remedy boasts a few other unique amenities. Above the espresso bar sits "The Loft," a private study room which can be rented out by the hour. In the mood for a book? Feel free to grab anything lying around the shop (you can even take it home with you if you leave another book in its place). Pair all of this with the free Wi-Fi and a business philosophy which allocates some of their profits to helping people in Downtown Knoxville and you've got the recipe for an incredibly rewarding experience.

Intelligentsia espresso at Remedy Coffee
Baristas behind bar at Remedy Coffee

I don't get to visit my hometown often, so every minute I spend there is valuable. I took a risk and spent a few hours of my time in Remedy. And, let me tell you, I don't regret it. Check them out next time you're in town. They'll make it worth your while.

Mar 20th 2014 Ross Parmly

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