Coffee Fest Report or: How We Defeated Day 2

Coffee Fest Day 2

Ah, a new day. It's smooth sailing from here. We've learned the lay of the land, found a rhythm, and – most remarkably – caught up on sleep. So what went down on this most promising of days?

Day 2

Frisbee Fest Chicago
Pizza with Prima

We kicked off with Frisbee Fest, Coffee Fest's unofficial rest stop. Fueled by Caffe Streets' coffee and baked goodies, we gathered at Grant Park for some good ol' ultimate frisbee. A better morning couldn’t be asked for: warm, sunny, and, shockingly, windless. ("Windy City"?) Take our word for it: tossing a disc with good friends is a super start to a Saturday.

Kenny narrowly beat his opponent, Chloe, also moving onto day three. John, Becky, and Justin – all Kentuckians – came out on top, too, sending four from our fine family to the final day. (That’s 25% of the sweet sixteen, for whoever's counting!) Sunday is sure to be something special.

Later, we met up with our Pizza with Prima winners at the famed Giordano's. Their stuffed pizza was third on our deep-dish tour and earned a solid second place in our hearts and stomachs. (Lou's remained the group favorite.) More than anything, we loved hanging with Jenn, Alex, and Sarah. Thanks for joining us, friends!

Sunday is sure to bring new friends, more coffee, and another great day at booth 304. We hope you have fun, too!

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