The Kalita Wave Dripper: New Product Preview

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One of our goals at Prima is to offer the best manual coffee brewing methods available. We believe that manual brewing methods both produce excellent cups of coffee as well as exemplify the quality and care that goes into the production of that coffee. It is our desire to continually expand our offerings, and today we are proud to announce a new addition to our manual brewing selection. This new product is the Kalita Wave Dripper.

For those that have yet to hear or read about the Wave Drippers, we wanted to give you a brief preview of this new pour over device and how it differs from our other pour over brewers.

First of all, in contrast to all other pour over brewers that we offer, the Kalita Wave Drippers feature a flat-bottom geometry. Similar to the coffee puck in an espresso machine, the flat bottom geometry allows the coffee to flow through an even bed of coffee. Secondly, for the bottom extraction, the Wave uses three triangulated brewing holes. These three small holes require a coarser grind than the Hario V60 as the draw down time will be slower. Finally the Kalita Wave uses the Wave filters. These filters have the accordion look around the edges which helps push the filter away from the edge of the brewer and hold the filter in suspension above the bottom of the dripper. The filter shape should help with heat retention during the brew allowing air to act as an insulator between the filter and the brewer.

Technicalities aside, the Wave Drippers have a handsome design and feature a smaller learning curve for those that are new to manual coffee brewing. Like most pour over methods they are easy to clean up and are dishwasher safe.

We will be offering the Kalita Wave Dripper in two sizes and three different materials: Stainless, Glass, and Ceramic. We will also be offering the Kalita Wave Style Set which incorporates a Chemex-like decanter with the brewer as well as the Kalita Wave Kettle. We hope to have all of these available and ready to ship within the next two weeks. Stay tuned as we plan to have in-depth comparisons and reviews of the Kalita line in the near future.

UPDATE: The Kalita Items are now in stock! Buy Here

*Images courtesy of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters.

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