Latte Art Competition Series Continues in Colorado

TNT Colorado Event

Calling all Coloradan coffee makers...

Colorado’s latte art competition series continues this week with a Thursday Night Throwdown at The Brewing Market in Lafayette. With only a $5 buy-in, any barista with the prowess to pick up a pitcher can let off some steam and go head to head with the best in the Denver area. Keep it simple with the sharpest rosetta, or dare to pour Andy Warhol’s "Eight Elvises" – your call.

The Scoop

This brawl will go down bracket style: winner gets the cash and the bragging rights, with 2nd and 3rd place competitors taking home prizes from our, Prima Coffee’s, warehouse. But there’s a good time in store for everybody here. Black Black Coffee will be there to do what they do best – brew fresh coffee with manual techniques, “sans cream and sugar” – and they’re doing it for free. A raffle will offer anyone the chance to go home with some cool coffee toys. Moreover, proceeds from the raffle and beer will support the work done by Agros International for coffee farming communities in Central America. Check out Facebook for more information.

Polish your pitchers, folks, and don’t miss out on what is sure to be a fantastic evening, filled with good conversation and great coffee.

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