Latte Heart Winner Announced

Latte Heart

Does Valentine's Day get you down? Take heart: there's enough love to go around. You sent in 60+ latte art photos this week and, shucks, we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! But that's enough fluff — let's talk business.

We've reviewed the entries, tallied your votes, and applied an advanced algorithm to determine who deserves the prize. Folks, we have a winner.

Congratulations to John Letoto of Blacksmith Coffee in Houston, Texas! We're sending John, one of our favorite ex-Louisvillians, a pair of Ancap cups and a fancy schmancy Prima Coffee espresso tamper. Because you just can't have too many.

Check out the winning pour!

Winning latte heart by John Letoto


John Letoto, Blacksmith Coffee

John's 5-ounce pour demonstrates near-perfect symmetry, brilliant contrast, and decisive infusion. Even as a later entry, submitted just a day before the competition's end, John's heart racked up over 100 votes and the highest average rating of all.

Visit the contest page to check out entries from dozens more baristas around the country. If you're still learning how to pour a heart, follow along with the video below. Even outside of this competition, we'd love to see you share your progress on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+!

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It sure is! But you're right: it's a bit more difficult. You'll find that milks with higher fat content (whole) are easier to work with when it comes to texturing.

Is this possible using nonfat milk? I find it very difficult based on the consistency once the the milk is steamed. Does a certain type of milk work better than another?

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