New Product: American Coffee Trader's Cloth Filters

American Coffee Trader filters

We were heartbroken when we heard that Hario was stopping production of their cloth filters for the Hario V60. We’d fallen in love with the level of cleanness cloth filters produced in the cup. Our palate-driven hearts have, however, now been mended with the discovery of American Coffee Trader’s organic cotton filters. Besides the fact that it buries the issue of pre-wetting your paper filters in an attempt to rid your coffee of that dreaded papery taste, these filters are made from organically grown cotton and American through and through. The cotton that goes into producing these filters is organically grown in Texas, woven in South Carolina, and sewn together with care in Boston, MA.

Getting a chance to meet up and chat with Dylan, the brains and skill behind American Coffee Traders, has ensured my (Matt) confidence in the quality and care put into the American Coffee Trader filters. His motivation for making these filters is the same as our love for the Hario V60 cloth filters, namely, making a better tasting cup of coffee.

We’re happy to be able to offer the full line of American Coffee Trader filters which includes filters for: Hario V60 (size 01 and size 02) and the AeroPress®. Yes, we have cloth filters for the AeroPress® too, we know this is amazing. I’ve been brewing with the V60 02 filter for a few weeks now and am amazed by the quality of the filter and the resulting taste of my brews. For a special introductory pricing, we're selling both sizes of the Hario V60 filters for $10 a piece with free shipping and the AeroPress® filters for $7 a piece with free shipping.

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