Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 01

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  • Hario V60 01 Drippers in glass, ceramic, and plastic
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  • Red, black, and white glass V60 01
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  • Hario V60 01 glass dripper with red base
  • Hario V60 01 glass dripper with green base
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  • What's in the box

  • V60 dripper
  • Plastic coffee scoop (in most options)
Hario V60 Pour Over Brewer

A Specialty Coffee Mainstay

Over a decade ago Hario made its mark on pour over brewing with the V60 dripper, and ever since then the brewer has been one of the most recognizable icons of delicious manually brewed coffee. Its accessibility as a brewer is evidenced by its widespread use in both home and cafe, trusted by pros and enthusiasts alike to produce clean cups that highlight the best of whatever roasted coffee they’re using. With so much history behind this brewer you can trust that you can find tips, recipes, and support galore for all of your Hario V60 needs.

Hario V60 Pour Over Brewer

Control Your Brew

Using design elements like its 60° cone angle, large single outlet, and swirling ribs inside of the brewer, the V60 is made to brew quality extractions time and time again, while those same elements give you surprising control over elements like flow rate through the brewer and total contact time. Pair that with the other controls that come with a manual brewer—recipe, temperature, grind setting, and more—and you get dynamic control over your coffee beyond what nearly any other brewing method can provide.

Hario V60 Pour Over Brewer

Make The V60 Your Own

With three different material options to choose from there’s a V60 for any brewing situation. Plastic brewers offer impeccable temperature stability and rugged resilience, while ceramic and glass options show off Hario’s long history of high-quality glass work. And with so many colors to choose from you can be sure to find a brewer that marries function and fashion seamlessly.

The Right Size For You

The 01 size V60 is the smallest version of this beloved brewer. Perfect for brewing a single cup or just a bit more for your solo coffee routine.

The King Of Glass

Since 1921 Hario has produced high-quality glass goods in Japan. Originally focusing on scientific materials they’ve now accumulated decades of experience making brewers, serviceware, and accessories for coffee and tea, solidifying themselves as one of the best recognized and most trusted names in the industry.

"This coffee dripper is just the right size for my coffee mugs.I love being able to make a single cup of coffee that is fast and easy and doesn't require a special machine."

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—Deeju, Verified Buyer

"I was delighted by how good my first pour over was with a nice floral medium roast."

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-Timothy V., Verified Buyer

"I was intimidated since I heard the V60 is tricky but after a few tries and following Matt Perger's method, it is now my favorite way to make coffee (and I have a bunch of other methods/brewers)! I'm able to get more complex and interesting flavors and I use it daily."

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-Sudi B., Verified Buyer

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    Sized to brew 1-2 cups of coffee

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    Available in multiple variations

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    Cone shaped desig

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    Easy to clean

More Features

Variety of colors and styles available

Ridged design encourages even extraction

Made in Japan

Plastic V60 01 Ceramic V60 01 Glass V60 01
Type Plastic Ceramic Glass
Advantage The plastic v60 offers increased temperature stability over the ceramic and glass. The ceramic V60 is comprised of high-quality ceramic. The glass v60 offers a clear view of the brewing process.
Summary Durable and economical. Timeless style. Beautiful glass design with a removable plastic base.
Dimensions W. 115mm × D. 100mm × H. 82mm
Weight: 100g
W. 119mm × D. 100mm × H. 82mm
Weight: 320g
W. 124mm × D. 110mm × H. 78mm
Weight: 300g
SKU Plastic V60 01:
VD-01T (Clear)
VD-01R (Red)
VD-01W (White)
Ceramic V60 01:
Glass V60 01:
VDG-01B (Black)
VDG-01R (Red)
VDG-01W (White)

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