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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 01

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In Japanese, HARIO means "The King of Glass." Since its founding in 1921, this Japanese company has been manufacturing glassware of the highest quality for consumers and industrial use alike. One of the most popular glass inventions from Hario is their glass coffee dripper, the Hario V60. The Hario V60 is a cone pour-over brewer which has been specially designed to produce an evenly brewed cup of coffee. The V60 is one of the most popular manual coffee brewers on the market today and the Hario V60 Size 01 comes in three glass variations whose snap on plastic base is available in white, red, and black. The V60 01 also comes in high-quality ceramic and durable plastic. The 01 size is the smallest V60 size available. We recommend this size for brewing one or two small cups at a time. For the larger dripper, see our Hario V60 Size 02 listing.


  • Perfect for single cup brewing.
  • Works best with V60 Size 01 white paper filters or V60 Size 01 brown paper filters (can be added from options above).
  • Pour-over brewing method allows you to brew the coffee directly into the cup or server.
  • Curved ridges on the inside of the cone allows the coffee to exit through both the side and bottom of the dripper.
  • Hands-on brewing allows you, the user, to control brewing time and temperature.
Plastic Ceramic Glass
Plastic V60 01 Ceramic V60 01 Glass V60 01

The plastic V60 offers increased temperature stability over the ceramic and glass.

Durable and economical.

The ceramic V60 is comprised of high-quality ceramic.

Timeless style.

The glass V60 offers a clear view of the brewing process.

Beautiful glass design with a removable plastic base.

SKU Plastic V60 01:
VD-01T (Clear)
VD-01R (Red)
VD-01W (White)
Ceramic V60 01:
VDC-01R (Red)
Glass V60 01:
VDG-01B (Black)
VDG-01R (Red)
VDG-01W (White)

Brew Method: Pour Over

Small V60 Dripper


The Hario V60 01 is a cone-shaped pour-over brewer designed to produce a well-balanced coffee brew. This balance is created by the unique design. There are ridges along the sidewall of the V60 dripper which allow water to extract out of the side of the V60 as well as the bottom. This design helps provide a nice even extraction. The V60 01 is the small size of the Hario V60, ideal for brewing coffee for one or two people.


The Hario V60 requires a careful pouring approach. If you do not own a pouring kettle we recommend picking up the Hario Buono Kettle which can be added from the options menu. After grinding your coffee, and settling it in the V60, we recommend putting a small divot in the middle of the grounds. Then, pour just enough coffee to wet all of the grounds and let it "bloom" for 30-45 seconds (or until the bloom deflates). After this, begin pouring from the middle outward and back again in concentric circles. When pouring, try to keep away from the outer edge of the dripper. Time your pouring so that the water volume in your dripper remains consistent throughout the entire brewing process. We recommend keeping that volume 1/2-3/4 of the ways up the dripper. When you have reached your desired total brew volume, stop pouring. Let it cool for a minute or two and then enjoy! For beginning brewing parameters we recommend: 18-24 grams of coffee at a medium grind setting, 300-400 milliliters of water, 200-205° water and a 2-3 minute total brew time.


Simply stated, the Hario V60 01 can produce some of the best cups of coffee out there. While there is a small learning curve for learning to pour properly (see Technique above), the V60's design helps facilitate a uniformed extraction of the coffee grounds. In addition to the even brew, the filters for the Hario V60 are thin which nearly eliminates any paper taste if the filter is pre-rinsed before brewing. Finally, the V60 is easy to clean up, simply dump out the coffee, rinse, and if you desire, throw it in the dish washer (just remember to remove the plastic base on the glass V60s).


Originally known primarily as a company that produces glass products, Hario (also known as Hario Glass) has been working to produce high quality coffee and tea products since 1921. Over the past few years, Hario has become known as the coffee industry leader in pour over brewing equipment. Hario has helped bring about a coffee renaissance in the U.S. by creating ingeniously designed coffee brewing and grinding products that are being used by cafes and home coffee connoisseurs alike for by-the-cup coffee brewing. The design and methods behind Hario's brewing devices have helped to insure that specialty coffee is being brewed with the craft that it deserves.
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