New Product: Ancap's Italian Porcelain Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte Cups

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Our Search for a Better Porcelain Cup

We’re constantly coming across products that we think can be improved upon. Looking to improve upon existing products, or dropping products for those we think are better, has become one of the driving factors for us as we seek to provide brewing equipment and accessories that we ourselves love and are proud of. Over a year ago we came to this place with our ceramic cup offering. While the cups we carried at the time got the job done, their style, sizes, and durability were all subpar. At that point we began to look for espresso, cappuccino, and latte cups that we could be proud to offer to the shop owners and baristas (in the cafe and at home) who trust us with their coffee gear.

Introducing Ancap Porcelain

"While the cups we carried at the time got the job done, their style, sizes, and durability were all subpar."

Today we’re happy to officially announce a line of cups that live up to our expectations: Ancap Porcelain Cups. Ancap’s Italian made porcelain cups and saucers come in a number of different styles and sizes, and are incredibly durable due to Ancap’s exclusive manufacturing process. As for styles, we are offering the Ancap cups in four different shapes: the more classic Verona and Palermo, the tulip-shaped Torino, and the Edex, which features a cleverly designed handle that you can pinch to hold more easily. These different style options can be selected in our Ancap listings which are categorized by size. The Ancap cup sizes come in the traditional espresso, cappuccino, and latte. In addition to these sizes, we also have a competition size cappuccino in the Torino (5.41 oz) and Palermo (5.07 oz) styles and a jumbo latte in the Verona style (15.21 oz).

ancap demitasse cups

ancap cappuccino cups

Ancap Latte Cups

Competition Size Cappuccino
ancap competition size cappuccino cups

Jumbo Latte
ancap latte cup

While the styles and size options are a plus, without a doubt, the most distinguishing characteristics of Ancap’s porcelain cups is their thickness, weight, and durability. Ancap cups don’t bear the the name “porcelain” arbitrarily, but have earned it. The ceramic is fired at 2570° F, hotter than what is commonly accepted as the firing range to be classified as porcelain (2192° to 2552°). This extremely high firing, and Ancap’s commitment to using the highest quality raw kaolin, feldspar, and quartz available, results in uniquely heavy and dense cups. This most noticeably makes its way out in the toughness of the cups. We’re not going to tell you to do a drop test (we know it will happen sooner or later), but we will tell you that these cups are better fitted for a chance at surviving one. Along with the toughness, the density gives the cup increased temperature stability and provides a solid feel in hand. This translates into drinks staying warm a bit longer, and an all-around presentation in quality that matches the crafted coffee inside.

Nothing gets us more excited than common, everyday products executed with an uncommon degree of quality and design. Hopefully, the ridiculously long time we’ve already spent talking about cups shows you how proud we are to carry them.

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