SCAA 2013: Boston-bound and It Feels So Good

Boston skyline, location of the 2013 SCAA Event

Pack your bags and fasten your seatbelts — we're going to Boston! #SCAA2013 is back in Beantown for the 25th annual expo and you're invited. Join us!

"What is it?", you wonder. Attending the SCAA Event is a religious pilgrimage, a spiritual ascent, and a journey into the epicenter of coffee geekdom. It's where friendships are wrought and secrets are spilled. And it's a heckuva lotta fun.

This year will be our first as exhibitors and we couldn't be more excited. Chris, Matt, and Prima emeritus Lee Sill will be hanging at booth 1075 all the livelong day, Friday through Sunday, and don't we have a show for you! Here's our full plan for the weekend.

On the docket...

Prima Tamp test station

Have you been eyeing the Prima Tamp? Hoping to get your hands on one? Here's your chance. This fully-loaded test station has everything you need to try the Prima Tamp for yourself and see the difference it makes. It's also part of the SCAA's Best New Product Competition. Text in your vote to help us win!

Prima and friends brew bar

We've partnered with some of our best friends and favorite roasters to hook you up with the tastiest coffee at the show, right at our booth. Come enjoy FREE espresso and pour over coffee from Counter Culture, Barismo, 4A, Crema, Greenway, Quills, Dogwood, and Sunergos. You'll also get to meet the producers and roasters of some of these fine coffees!

Something new

We spotted a gap in our offerings and set out to fill it. This new accessory makes brewing all the more simple and stylish — especially for shop settings. Sneak a peek behind the curtain at booth 1075.


Shop owners, rejoice. If you want to sell brewing equipment to your customers at the same place where they buy their beans and beverages, come talk to us. Our wholesale program will help you set up a profitable retail space. Learn about joining and check out our extensive wholesale offerings at our booth.

Satellite cafe

New to the show, Kalita and La Marzocco's satellite cafe will be the premier fueling station at the Event. We were psyched when Nick Cho approached us about stepping in as the smallwares sponsor and can't wait to do our part to bring some wicked awesome coffee to the show. Swing by the cafe to see Prima Tamps in action, as well as one of our new brewing accessories.

Counter Culture mega-bash

This year's party schedule is stupid cool. We're teaming up with Counter Culture and La Marzocco to throw a doozy at Counter Culture's Boston training center on Friday night. It's slotted for 7:00 at 374 Somerville Ave in Somerville. This is a ticketed event, so be sure to stop by booth 1075 to claim your FREE pass. And check out Sprudge's party preview for the scoop on other shindigs this week.

Latte art exhibition

Another newcomer to the event, the latte art exhibition is an open competition that grew out of local throwdown leagues and will follow the format of the World Latte Art Championship. As one of the competition sponsors, we're awarding the top three competitors with Prima Tamps and some other cool gear. Learn more from the SCAA.

We're giving away free 2-day passes to the show floor ($195 value)! Leave a comment below to claim yours now. Hurry, only 5 available! All the passes are gone. Thanks for checking out the blog, and we hope to see you there.

If that's not a full week, we don't know what is. We're beside ourselves with excitement and would be thrilled to see you there. Come by our booth! Shake our hands! Drink our coffee! See you soon, friends.

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If I could go to this and get my entire month's worth of a caffeine fix, that would be great!

My cats experiencing withdrawals, so I need to drop him off in a well catfeinated area! Get it?!

I'd love to go, hook me up

I'm already going, but just for the Cup Taster's Challenge on Friday, would love to go check out the booths and stuff on another day.

I'm a college student who can't afford anything-- I would greatly appreciate it if I could go.

I'm a college student who can't afford anything! I would really be grateful! Somebody has to show my peers that there is more to coffee than fake flavored lattes.

Did I miss the tickets? Did I miss the tickets? Did I miss the tickets? Can I get one???????

If there are any other passes, I'd absolutely love one. I live and work and Boston, but cannot afford to go. You'd make this enthusiasts' day!

Me too please!

You got it, Blake! Send an email to and he'll hook you up with your pass.

Huzzah Prima!

poor married barista needing a ticket!

Sounds awesome! I would love a free pass to the show floor! But...I would need airfare from Seattle as well:) Hope you have a great time showing off your cool stuff and your awesome skills! I will admire from afar!

Woot woot - loving the lineup this year!

Prima is some of the best of the best. Can't wait to see you at SCAA ;)

That pic has the building where Genscape has an office. Yea! I'd claim a ticket if I could also be there... have fun guys.

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