SCAA 2014: Getting Giddy for the Emerald City

Seattle skyline, location of the 2014 SCAA Event

Here at Prima, the office is buzzing in anticipation of this year's SCAA Expo, for its 26th incarnation in the legendary coffee town of Seattle. We've already shipped a ton of stuff (literally) for our booth, and our intrepid crew will be flying out to meet it and get everything set up.

What we're up to this year

Brewing up a storm

This year, our brew bar is back in action to show off a great array of brewing and espresso equipment, as well as the latest revision of our pride and joy: the Prima Tamp. And how better to show off our brewers than with samples from very generous roasters across the US, including Chromatic, Forty Weight, Ritual, Tony's, Coava, Quills, Handsome, Intelligentsia, and Argo Sons. We'll even have some talented baristas and roasters swinging by to hang out and brew with us, so please come say hello and chat over a fine cup of coffee.

Stock it up, Build it out

Own a shop? We're here for you too. Our wholesale program is built to keep you supplied with the gear you need, and the products your customers want. Opening a shop? Prima Coffee has the connections to serve all your coffee and foodservice needs, from espresso machine installation to refrigerators and sinks. Our team will be glad to help you find what you need.

Your digital tour guide

Of course, our SCAA experience just wouldn't be complete without taking the time to explore the show floor, checking out new products, and getting the inside scoop from manufacturers. We'll have plenty of show coverage for you to enjoy, even if you can’t attend in person.

Did somebody say "giveaway?"

It’s not as fun to go alone, so as a thanks to all of our fans and customers we’re giving away another set of floor passes this year. It would be our pleasure to help a few fellow coffee lovers get into the show and take it all in. All you've got to do is comment on this post with what you're most looking forward to at the Expo, and you're in. These are first-come, first-served, so act fast folks! Sorry folks, they're all gone for now. You'll be the first to know if we scrounge up any extra passes, so stay tuned for more updates from the show!

Be sure to stay tuned for more coverage from

#SCAA2014, and we hope to see some of you in person at booth 3042!

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Hi Caitlin, Sorry for the snafu, not sure what happened to our email. The Internets didn't seem to be in our favor yesterday. We just resent an invitation. Please let us know if you don't receive it. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hi, I emailed Steve and didn't hear back. Will he just be sending my my pass? Thank you! Caitlin Thompson (503)737-5612

Hmm. Having attended La Marzocco's "Out of the Box" in Italy last year, they have some cool stuff brewing (oohh, bad pun, sorry). Hopefully they show off some of their concepts and new toys! Also Nuova Simonelli's had some interesting movement with some of the patent's they've filled so I'll be curious to see if they've thrown any engineering behind those. But really, I'm just interested in getting out there and hitting those exhibition floors; I'm sure there's all kinds of things to see that'd surprise me.

There's certainly a lot to get excited about this year. What new tech are you looking forward to most?

You and us both, David. Thanks for commenting, we'll keep you updated if we get some more passes to hand out!

We can't wait to start brewing, and we're so grateful to have such generous roasters helping us out. Shoot us a quick message to, grab you guest pass, and scoot on over to our booth for a sample!

We can't wait to see you there, Andrea, love the enthusiasm. Send an email over to and we'll get your guest pass sent to you right away.

We're excited for the same stuff, Dave. Send an email to, and we'll have a guest pass sent your way.

Thanks for the comment, Caitlin. Please send an email to and we'll get you a guest pass. Don't forget to come say hello!

Ooops... post was cut short. Looking forward to tasting new coffees!

Really looking forward to this!

I'm looking forward to getting out there on the exposition floors and checking out all the cool, new tech everyone's working on!

I can't wait to see all the familiar faces and meet new jittery, over caffeinated people!

Love this event! I can't wait to taste your new coffees! xoxo

So excited about the passes! Can't wait to see all the hot baristas ;)

Hey! I'm looking forward to seeing the new coffee products that are out this year and to see the competitions.

You guys are the best! I am most looking forward to all the wonderful Coffee tasting! Especially those Lattes!

You guys are the best! I am most looking forward to all the wonderful Coffee tasting! Especially those Lattes!

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