Slain Yet Soaring: New Strides For Sunergos

slayer espresso machine picture at sunergos downtown by emarie photography

Who Else Is Excited About a Slayer in Louisville?

For most, a conversation about Kentucky doesn’t conjure images of chic coffee shops and young connoisseurs sipping espresso. Things like horse racing, fried chicken, and college basketball have obscured the complex identity of the Bluegrass State, but there’s actually a bit more to it. As a fledgling Louisvillian, newly arrived from the West Coast, I’ll confess arrogance and admit that my expectations of Kentucky’s coffee scene weren’t high. I wondered, "What could Louisville have on San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, or Los Angeles?" But to my surprise and delight, the quaint collection of coffee shops around here is really taking flight.

And with the addition of a new cafe, the community continues its climb to higher heights.

sunergos coffee and slayer images from emarie photography

Sunergos Slayin' It

Sunergos Coffee has been a cornerstone in local coffee culture since Brian Miller and Matthew Huested opened the first of their three espresso bars in 2004. As a micro-roastery with a macro-reputation, Sunergos has made a splash, even outside of Louisville. At this year’s Coffee Fest Chicago, Sunergos’ own Kenny Smith took second place in the latte art competition (with this pour). And now, with the opening of their third cafe, Sunergos brings the legendary Slayer espresso machine to Kentuckiana.

Pour-over brewing demonstrations are in the works, but this location is centered around one trusty elixir: espresso.

The Slayer offers baristas intuitive control of pressure during the brew process and has been praised for extracting tasty espresso from single origin beans, which tend to be less hardy than their blended brethren. The emergence of pressure profiling has paralleled a reinvigorated passion for experiencing the unique qualities of beans from single origins, and Sunergos has joined the parade.

The 3rd Wave of Sunergos Hits Downtown

Their offerings are simple, yet intentionally selected and carefully prepared. The diminutive shop — a small, high-ceilinged room with little counter space and no chairs — boasts a menu with three espresso options, all typical configurations of espresso with milk, a limited stock of syrups, and a handful of teas. Many of us have already made our pilgrimage, and can speak highly of the espresso, cappuccino, and iced mocha (shaken, not stirred). For patrons who are thirsty for a cup of drip, the staff recommends either a cup from the batch brewer or an Americano. Pour-over brewing demonstrations are in the works, but this location is centered around one trusty elixir: espresso. And with the Slayer on their side, Sunergos isn’t likely to disappoint.

Welcome, Sunergos number three. I’m downing a demitasse in your honor.

Have you been to the new Sunergos location yet? What were your impressions? Or, tell us about your favorite Slayer experience in another shop in the comments below!

Sunergos’ new espresso bar is located at 231 South 5th Street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Images used with permission by eMarie Photography of Louisville, KY.

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Nice! Sounds like a fun shop.

The Speckled Axe in Portland, Maine has a Slayer. Matt, the owner, wood roasts his beans from wood sourced in Maine! He has Hario Vacs and several Kalita Wave in his coffee shop set up as well!

Nice job cousin!  Congratulations on all of your success with Sunergos!

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