What We're Reading This Week

What We're Reading This Week

Apr 20th 2020 Written by mike.greene

Four articles we've enjoyed at Prima, all collected in one place for you!

There are so many publications all over the internet putting out wonderful coffee content—brewing tutorials, product reviews, deep dives into coffee science and so much more, all at our disposal 24/7. With no shortage of outlets and articles to choose from we decided it would be fun to share a few of our favorites that we’ve been reading over the last few weeks. Here are four pieces that we’ve loved for all sorts of reasons, from well-researched reporting to a collection of delectable looking pastries, that are certain to delight and inform in equal measure.

Advanced Aeropress Instructions: Recipes, Methods & Techniques

- The Coffee Chronicler

Aeropress with coffee cup

I have to admit up front: despite years of brewing coffee both in cafes and at home I’ve never felt ready to tackle the Aeropress. The compact wonderbrewer felt so alien, so packed with variables, I was happy to just ignore it as best I could. But recently, after reading this ultimate guide written by Asser Christensen, it felt like the veil was lifted in a way that no other article or guide has accomplished for me. Including the history of the young device, a variety of techniques to test, a deep dive into World Champion recipes and more, I expect this to be my reference for the Aeropress for a long time to come.

Five Coffee Resolutions For 2020

- The Coffee Compass

Pouring coffee into a mug with cats

After what could conservatively be called a turbulent start to the year it’s perfectly reasonable to have no idea what resolutions you might’ve set on January 1st, so revisiting this article from The Coffee Compass was a nice reminder for me to reflect and try to think forward. Community, sustainability, and culinary exploration underpin so many facets of what makes coffee valuable and exciting, and Michael Butterworth makes them feel approachable, attainable, and meaningful. While the fifth resolution might require adaptation in our present global situation, it’s maybe more important than ever to find ways to incorporate that one into your life right now through the wonders of the internet.

A Coffee Shop Favourite: Why Is Oat Milk so Popular?

- Perfect Daily Grind

Carton of Oatly next to a mug of milky coffee

-Photo by: Madalyn Cox

Oat milk has taken the coffee world by storm, and while trends often come and go in the cafe it seems possible to me that this dairy-alternative could very likely be here to stay. Tasmin Grant dives into the history, production, and case for oat milk’s dominance in this article, detailing the sustainability benefits and tasty traits that have brought this product to prevalence. An interesting and informative read, this article makes some important and well constructed points as to why everyone should consider checking out my personal favorite coffee companion.

Our Roasters Share Their Secret Coffee Cake Recipes

- Trade

Coffee cake with crumble topping

-Photo by: Rachael Gorjestani

Few pleasures in life rival a delicious cup of coffee paired with a still-warm-from-the-oven baked good; that makes this recipe collection from Trade especially timely as more and more people are relying on their kitchens to be both cafe and bakery. Roll up your sleeves and read along with these three tried and true recipes from Red Rooster Coffee, Boxcar Coffee Roasters, and Groundwork Coffee Co. which are certain to give you a nice slice of cafe life right at home.

Apr 20th 2020 mike.greene

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