What's That Word? Announcing Our New Coffee Glossary

Coffee Terms Glossary for Coffee and Espresso

Ever wonder what the heck your barista means when they say they only serve ristretto shots? Or perhaps you've felt a little lost when one of our blog posts talks about increasing extraction. The coffee industry is full of jargon and terminology that can sometimes emerge and be adopted into common use quite quickly. If you've ever felt lost while staring at a seemingly obscure coffee word, we're with you. Each of us has felt that head-scratching confusion over some word that was tossed out there in a discussion on coffee - so we'd like to help and offer some clarity. Today we're introducing our Glossary of Coffee Terms over in our Learning Center.

In the Glossary, we'll break down all kinds of terms, from coffee shop menu items to more esoteric stuff about coffee processing, so you can quickly check up on a word and quickly figure out what it means. Some of this stuff is pretty straightforward, but some terms are likely to be contentious or challenging. You might not agree with something we've defined, and that's totally okay! We want to hear from you in the comments, so if you've got any input on terms you'd like to see defined, or you think we've been incomplete or incorrect in our definition, go ahead and let us know! Our goal is to help everybody learn a bit more about coffee and shed some light on terminology, so if we could do a better job of that we'll gladly take the feedback.

That's about it for now! Go ahead and check out our new Glossary of Coffee Terms and let us know what you think!

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