Chemex Brewing Guide

Chemex Brewing Guide

Oct 19th 2022 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

Embodying a delicate combination of art and science, the Chemex has graced the countertops of coffee drinkers for for over 80 years. Its beautiful design and generous capacity make it the ideal brewer for those looking to entertain and share a delicious cup of coffee with friends and family while its uniquely thick filter produces an exceptionally clean cup that is sure to highlight the best a coffee has to offer.

Enjoy our brew guide equipped with a full recipe, necessary equipment, and step-by-step instructions to help you get started brewing with your Chemex!


  • Coffee dose: 40g
  • Water Weight: 600g
  • Grind Size: Coarse
  • Water Temp: 212F

Begin prepping your filter by inserting it with the three folded side facing the spout. Rinse your filter to remove any paper flavor that may infiltrate your coffee, and create a seal between the filter and brewer. Pour in your grounds and shake to level them.

Step 1

Pour your pre-infusion of 100g of water. Make sure to pour in concentric circles ensuring all the grounds are fully saturated. Using a small spoon or brew stick, stir the slurry to incorporate all the water and break up any clumps.

Step 2

At 45 seconds, pour another 166 grams of water bringing your total volume to 266 grams. Make sure you're pouring fast and in concentric circles. Give the Chemex a swirl to keep the grounds agitated and improve distribution of water. Put your kettle back on its base or stovetop.

Step 3

When the water has drawn down to just above the coffee bed, add another 166 grams of water bringing your total to 432 grams. Give it a swirl and put your kettle back on its base or stovetop.

Step 4

As the water draws down to just above the coffee bed, add your final 168 grams of water, bringing your total to 600 grams. Give it one last swirl and let your brew finish draining. It should be done around 6 minutes.

Step 5

For additional content, including modification tips, grind setting suggestions for popular grinders and an important note about slurry temperature, join the Prima Coffee Community!

Oct 19th 2022 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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