Delter Press Brewing Guide

Delter Press Brewing Guide

Nov 16th 2022 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

The Delter Press offers a unique alternative to the Aeropress, providing the same great portability, but using an entirely different brew method — percolation. Each lift and press of the plunger distributes a precise amount of water to the coffee grounds, granting you full control over your brew. You'll be sure to enjoy a delciously balanced and delightfully clean cup of coffee with the Delter Press.

Enjoy our brew guide equipped with a full recipe, necessary equipment, and step-by-step instructions to help you get started brewing with your Delter Press!


  • Coffee dose: 14g
  • Water Weight: 210g
  • Grind Size: Fine
  • Water Temp: 210F

Begin by inserting your plunger into the brew chamber and placing a filter into the Delter's cap. Rinse filter with hot water.

Step 1

Flip the Delter Press upside down where the smaller compartment, or brew chamber, is facing upright. Add your ground coffee and sercurely screw on the cap.

Step 2

Flip the Delter Press upright, place it on a cup or server, and pour 210 g of water. Start the timer.

Step 3

Lift the plunger to the 50 ml mark and press down. Wait for 1 minute.

Step 4

Pull the plunger up again to the125 ml mark. Gently press down all the way.

Step 5

Pull up the plunger a final time to approximately the 35 ml mark, or the remaining water and plunge. Your total brew time should finish around 3 minutes.

Step 6

For additional content, including modification tips, grind setting suggestions for popular grinders and an important note about brewing larger batches, join the Prima Coffee Community!

Nov 16th 2022 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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