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DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

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able diskfine going into production

Able Brewing Announces The DISK Fine Production

In case you haven't heard yet, due to the overwhelmingly positive response the DISK Fine is officially going to be produced by Able Brewing Equipment.

If you missed out on one of the free 100 DISK Fine's that were given away earlier this month, have no fear... you will be able to experiment with the DISK Fine after all! Able announced today their intention to produce both the regular DISK stainless steel AeroPress filter as well as the newer (and thinner) DISK Fine filter. Estimated production and shipping dates for the first DISK Fine filters is early July.

If you would like to pre-order the DISK Fine and ensure your placement towards the top of the shipment list, please go to the product listing here: Able DISK-Fine Filter for Aeropress

DISK Fine Recipe Submission Deadling - Friday, May 18

Related to the announcement of the production of the DISK Fine, is the recipe contest. As we stated in our last blogpost on this (Able DISK Fine Reviews & Recipes), one user submitted recipe would be chosen to be put on the production DISK Fine production. As they so often like to do with the quality of their products, Able has again raised the bar on the prizes for the winning recipe. The winner of the recipe contest will receive the following from Able:

  1. Recipe and name placement on the packaging of every DISK Fine produced.
  2. 25 production DISK Fines (so your friends can get just as excited about your winning as you are. :)
  3. A limited edition, fully functional gold DISK Standard!
  4. A first of its kind, fully functional gold DISK Fine!

Sounds good, doesn't it? All you have to do is put your favorite recipe with your DISK Fine on our website (see button below) and we will choose the winner shortly after May 18 (recipe must be written on our website). All recipes must be submitted by the end of the day Friday, May 18. We will announce the winner of the contest shortly after that.

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Also, make sure you thank Able Brewing Equipment for creating such an excellent coffee filter and allowing us to have so much fun with these contests and announcements!

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