How to Choose the Right Mahlkonig Grinder for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Mahlkonig Grinder for Your Needs

Aug 14th 2023 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

A grinder is one of the most important, if not THE most important, piece of equipment on a coffee bar. This holds true for home setups and cafes alike, so when you're facing trouble in your workflow and equipment, your grinder is good place to start. We have compiled a short list of problems frequently faced by cafes and have offered up grinder alternatives to alleviate those problems, so you can get back to focusing on incredible customer service and delicious coffee!

Problem: Your grinder is too loud and the menu navigation is subpar

Mazzer Major V UI

A loud grinder can add to the bustling noise of an already busy cafe in the middle of a rush, so opting for a grinder that produces less noise can help minimize the chaos. Additionally, while the grinder roars, the steam wand squeals, and people are shouting their orders against the noise, something will happen and you’ll have to make adjustments to your grind times and settings, and with a difficult-to-navigate menu, this can put a damper on your workflow. Choosing a grinder that alleviates this issue can save time and headaches for your baristas.

Solution: The Mahlkonig E65S

The E65S control panel was designed with ease in mind. It has a nice, large, digital display with a control knob that makes for easy adjustments across 8 different grind profiles. It is also equipped with a grind collar that allows for nearly seamless grind adjustment changes and a convenient lock so that the grind won’t be changed by bumping the machine. The E65S also acts as a solution to the noise as well with its grinding sound coming in below 70 decibels.

Problem: Your grinder can’t keep up in a high-volume cafe setting

Mazzer Major V grinding into portafilter

Sometimes, in the middle of a busy rush, your espresso grinder just can’t keep up when grinding for back-to-back shots. Your output is slow, your grinder’s internal temperature is soaring, and your grind has been affected. You need a grinder that can keep up with the demand.

Solution: The Mahlkonig E80 Supreme

The E80 Supreme is an absolute workhorse. It’s equipped with 80mm flat steel burrs and has hands down one of the fastest dose outputs of any commercial espresso grinder. It can dose around 18g in 2.9 seconds, making it perfect for the morning rush. Additionally, thanks to its spacious body and dual fan technology, it significantly reduces heat build up, allowing the grinder to be used non-stop without needing a break. This means you never have to worry about it heating up too much and messing with the grind.

Problem: Adjusting grind time for the correct output causes a hiccup in your workflow

Mahlkonig E65S display screen

Adjusting your grind output by time can be a tedious task that, if the need arises in the middle of a rush, can put a significant damper on your workflow regardless of how well your grinder performs. However, thanks to new-and-improved grind technology, there are other options.

Solution: The Mahlkonig E65S/E80S GbW

Regardless if your cafe falls under medium or high volume, the GbW is a game changer. With Grind by Weight technology, your output dose will remain consistent to within a tenth of a gram no matter how the grind setting is changed. GbW negates any need to adjust grind time after the grind setting has been manipulated. This prevents waste and saves your barista time in the middle of a rush.

Mahlkonig’s cutting-edge designs and technology make them industry leaders in the commercial space. Adding a Mahlkonig grinder to your espresso bar is a fantastic option if you're looking for additional ease of use and a lasting build. To learn more about Mahlkonig and their full commercial lineup, head on over to our Mahlkonig page, and for additional resources on opening and running a cafe, be sure to join the Prima Coffee Community’s Industry Pros space.

Aug 14th 2023 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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