Unboxing | Lelit Anna

Unboxing | Lelit Anna

Aug 30th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones


Lelit Anna

Large water tank

Hey, guys, it's Reagan from Prima Coffee and today we're going to unbox the LELIT Anna.We are really excited about a lot of the features and accessories that come with the Anna. For example, the 57-millimeter portafilter is durable, heavy. It feels like it's made out of quality material. But because of its size, it's also really easy to upgrade or change out into whatever your preference may be. It also comes with a variety of basket sizes. So you've got your double, a single, and an ESC pod basket which just makes for added convenience. But one of the features that we really love about the Anna is its 2.7-liter water reservoir. This is something that's often seen in espresso machines 10 times the cost of the Anna. But also they managed to keep it in a very compact size. Well, on the inside, you have room for even something like a water softening system. We really love the Anna because it's an affordable compact option that doesn't skimp out on the quality of materials used or the accessories that come with it. Thanks for watching, guys. If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comments.

Aug 30th 2021 Reagan Jones

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