Video Overview | Vario W Plus

Video Overview | Vario W Plus

Jul 15th 2022 Written by Reagan Jones


Vario W Plus

Weight-Based Dosing

Hey, there. It's Reagan from Prima Coffee. And today we're going to check out the Baratza Vario W+. The W+ comes with a ton of new features, but it also maintains all of the features that we love about the Classic W. Baratza took the Classic W and improved upon both its aesthetics and functionality and gave us the Vario W+. It is a great option for the avid home brewer who is looking to brew for both pour over and immersion. So, we have 54 millimeter steel bursts. It's got grind by weight functionality, 220 grind settings using both macro and micro step adjustment and a full grind range from espresso to cold brew.

What makes the Baratza Vario W+ stand out from the crowd is its ability to give you such precise grind adjustment using the macro and micro step adjustment options. Additionally, its new features like the backlit LCD and LED barista lights. Just add a nice touch and not to mention it's compact size and color options, make it a great option for any home setup. So, let's see how it grinds. As you can see, it does come with just a plastic ground spin that slides right in, and it slides over the scale that gives it the grind by weight functionality. Today, we are going to grind for the V60 and Baratza suggests doing that at 6m as your macro and micro adjustment. We are going to pour some beans into the hopper.

All right, so we're going to grind for 20 grams and you can adjust the number of grams by using the up and down arrows. And when you're ready, just press the tea and the play, the triangle play button. So like any grinder or piece of coffee equipment, the Vario W+ has its limitations, and in this case, it is the ability to grind for espresso. It does technically grind or fine enough for espresso, but it's not ideal. Additionally, it doesn't come with that portafilter fork so you can't grind directly into your portafilter. You have to grind into the grinds bin and pour it into your portafilter. So, it is catered more towards home brewers that are looking to grind for pour over and immersion brewing. So, that's it for the Baratza Vario W+. If you are on the market for a home grinder, with grind by weight abilities, this just might be the right grinder for you.

Jul 15th 2022 Reagan Jones

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