USED - EXCELLENT | Able KONE Stainless Steel Filter

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  • Able Brewing's Kone, a stainless steel fitler for Chemexes
  • The flattened bottom of the new Kone
  • The sealed edge of the Kone indicates that the filter is made in the USA.
  • The inside of the Kone
  • Able's Kone is designed for use in the Chemex and other cone-shaped brewers.

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Brew Method: Pour Over


The KONE by Able Brewing is a dramatic improvement of an already exceptional and widely celebrated product. The new design of the third generation KONE features even thinner steel, but the newly sealed (and not-at-all sharp) tip and permanent plastic rim assert the device's safety and maintain its shape. Smaller filtration holes allow for fewer fines in the cup and permit more opportunities for variation and experimentation with grind settings and pouring styles. The KONE filter will bring a healthy measure of patriotism to your brewing apparatus, as it is made entirely in the USA.


For brewing on the KONE, a precision pouring kettle is recommended for proper control. After heating the water, "rinse" the filter. (Note that this is not considered a true "rinse", as this is not a paper medium; rather, applying hot water heats the KONE and server.) We recommend using a medium grind setting and a starting temperature of ~200 degrees. A safe starting ratio is 33 grams of coffee to 500 milliliters of water. After tossing the rinse water, place coffee in the KONE and tap its edge to even the bed. Pour 10-15% of your total water volume evenly over the coffee, and wait for about 45 seconds for the coffee to bloom. Pour in a controlled manner over the coffee, avoiding the edges, until you get around 200 ml, and then finish your pouring slowly down the center of the KONE until you get to 500ml. We recommend a total brew time of 3:00-3:30, including pre-infusion.


Able's KONE has several distinctive features. Being reusable, it produces no waste. Unlike some reusable filters, it's easy to clean. The metal filter permits more of the coffee's natural oils into the cup "šÃ„î oils that paper keeps out "šÃ„î and doesn't impart any strange flavors to the coffee. And buying one supports our national economy, since the Kone is designed and manufactured in the USA.

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