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Ancap Verona Teal Cups and Saucers

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ancap porcelain cup manufacturer
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Ancap is an Italian porcelain manufacture that has been in the business for over 50 years. By popular demand, they've finally released a color-accented version of their most popular model, the Verona line. Each cup is crafted via the finest raw material ingredients in Italy and fired at temperatures much higher than traditional ceramic coffee cups. This results in a cup with true porcelain characteristics: pure white, translucent, and extremely durable. Ancap's colored line of cups seeks to highlight rather than cover up this pure porcelain, adding color to the saucer and a racing stripe-esque dash of color to the handle. All of the cups and saucers are designed and produced at Ancap's factory just outside of Verona, Italy.


  • The Teal cups are available to purchase in singles or in a set of six. Select your sizing and set quantity after selecting "Add to Cart" above. Saucer included with each cup.
  • Color is a stripe on the handle and color to the top outer part of the saucer. Underside and middle part of the saucer (that the cup sits on) are white.
  • 100% Made in Italy

Purchase Options

You can purchase any of the cups individually, or in a set of 6 after selecting the "Add to Cart" button above. See the table below for a breakdown of the pricing difference between the two options.

Individual Set of 6
Espresso 1.9oz $14 $66 ($11/cup)
Espresso 2.5oz $14 $66 ($11/cup)
Cappuccino 5.1oz $16 $78 ($13/cup)
Cappuccino 6.1oz $16 $78 ($13/cup)
Large Cappuccino 8.8oz $16.5 $81 ($13.50/cup)
Latte 11.8oz $18 $90 ($15/cup)

Verona Size and Color Options

Ancap's Verona style comes in a number of sizes and color variations. See the chart below to see all the Verona options we offer. Click on the color name to be taken to the product page.

Color 1.9oz 2.5oz 5.1oz 6.1oz 8.8oz 11.8oz 16.2oz
Teal Striped Early Aug Early Aug N/A
Orange Striped Early Aug N/A
Black Striped Early Aug N/A
Teal Painted-Rim N/A N/A N/A N/A
Orange Painted-Rim N/A N/A N/A N/A

Those interested in wholesale quantities should inquire with Ancap USA.

The Features:

  • Color is a stripe on the handle and color to the top outer part of the saucer. Underside and middle part of the saucer (that the cup sits on) are white.
  • Closest Pantone number for teal coloring is 3165C.
  • Pure Porcelain (kaolin, feldspar, and quartz) fired at 2552°F.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 100% Made in Italy
Model Height Rim Width
Verona 1.9oz 2.11" 2.42"
Verona 2.5oz 2.07" 2.54"
Verona 5.1oz 2.24" 3.3"
Verona 6.1oz 2.36" 3.43"
Verona 8.8oz 2.64" 3.77"
Verona 11.8oz 2.66" 4.29"
ancap porcelain cup manufacturer


Ancap is an Italian porcelain manufacturer that has focused on producing pure porcelain for over 50 years. They use high quality raw ingredients and a firing temperature of 2552°F to create durable porcelain in dense, minimal form. It is this fundamental commitment to the quality of their porcelain that allows them to produce cups that hit a perfect balance between function and style, resulting in elegant cups for everyday use. All cups are produced at their factory located on the outskirts of Verona. We are happy to offer Ancap's cups and saucers in a number of styles, sizes, and color variations.
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