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CoffeeSock Cloth Filter for Hario V60

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There's a lot to love about cloth filters: they're reusable, brew with more body than paper filters, but less sediment than metal mesh filters, and they're inexpensive. CoffeeSock's filters are an exceptional product, with all the best that cloth filters have to offer and more. Made of organic cotton right here in the USA, they feature strong stitching and two-ply construction. In contrast to flannel-style cloth filters, the higher thread count of CoffeeSock's filters offers a cleaner brew with less sediment, but the same richness you can expect from cloth.

These filters are designed for the Hario V60 02, and are a great alternative to the standard paper filters. To brew, just add your grounds and brew as normal - it's that simple, and you won't need to adjust your grind at all. After usage, just shake out the used grounds, brush off the leftovers, and give the filter a good rinse. Then, you can let the filter dry thoroughly, or keep it in a small container of water. We recommend soaking the cloth in Full Circle detergent or a similar product as needed, to break up coffee stains and keep the filter fresh.


  • Fits Hario V60 size 02 cones
  • Two filters per package
  • Two-ply construction made of organic cotton
  • Reusable for hundreds of brews
  • Easy to use and care for
  • Made in the USA


There's nothing quite like a good cloth-filtered cup of coffee, with the perfect balance of rich body and bright, clean flavor. It's something anybody can appreciate, and folks like CoffeeSock know that. Their organic cotton filters are perfect for brewing coffee that nestles itself between the clarity of a paper filter and the oily richness of a metal filter. Plus, the filters are reusable, and oh-so-easy to maintain, requiring only a quick rinse after brewing and a wash whenever you wish. These high-quality filters are one of our new favorite brewing tools, and a welcome addition to our catalog.
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