Comandante C40 MK4 Hand Grinder

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  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Black) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Black) with Clear Catch Jar
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Black) with Dark Catch Jar
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (American Cherry) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (American Cherry) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Cobalt) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Cobalt) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Burgundy) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Burgundy) with Accessories
  • Comandante C40 MKIV Adjustment Dial
  • Comandante C40 MKIV Dark Glass Catch Jar
  • Comandante C40 MKIV Dark Glass Catch Jar
  • Comandante C40 MKIV Silicone Grip Band
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Alpine Lagoon)
  • Comandante C40 MKIV (Virginia Walnut)


  • What's in the box

  • Grinder Body
  • Handle/Lid Assembly
  • Clear Polymer Grounds Jar
  • Amber Glass Grounds Jar
  • Grounds Jar Lid
  • Instruction Manual
Grinding With the Comandante C40 MKIV

Raising The Bar (Again)

For five long years, the Comandante C40 MKIII has been the gold standard for hand coffee grinding, being used by home enthusiasts and professionals alike for everything from Turkish coffee to cold brew. However, Comandante has made it clear that there was still room for improvement in the fourth iteration of this ever-popular grinder. While keeping all of the features that made the Comandante C40 worthy of use in the World Brewer's Cup, the MKIV has undergone thoughtful revisions that will undoubtedly meet, or even surpass, the recognition of its predecessor.

View of Ground Coffee

All-Around Improvements

Above everything else, Comandante has been praised for the phenomenal particle uniformity that the C40 grinders produce. In keeping with the same stainless steel body, axle, crank arm, dual ball bearings, and its Nitro Blade conical burrs, you can expect the same high-quality performance from the MKIV. However, with a newly designed engine frame that eliminates the issue of beans or bean particles getting stuck inside the upper internals, a smoother work-flow is now inherent to the C40. Add to this a clear, polymer catch-cup that won't shatter if accidentally dropped, you can breathe a little easier while grinding that first cup of the day.

View of Adjustment Dial

Nothing Lost, Everything Gained

While the MKIV's internals all work in tandem to keep the same uniformity in your ground coffee that the MKIII delivered, none of aesthetics of the grinder have been sacrificed in doing so. Four differently colored wood veneers grace the stainless steel body, including American cherry, cobalt, burgundy, and black. An amber glass catch cup is still included for those who prefer a darker look to their C40, and all parts from the MKIII are backwards compatible for the MKIV in case you prefer the clear glass jar, the lighter-colored pommel on the crank arm, or even if you want to move your Red Clix adapter from one grinder to the other, the MKIV is perfectly capable of using these parts.

  • steel icon

    Stainless Steel Body, Axle, and Crank

  • conical icon

    High-Nitrogen Martenistic Conical Burrs

  • grind range icon

    Capable of Grinding from Turkish & Espresso to Cold Brew.

  • settings icon

    Precise Stepped Adjustment

More Features

40-45g Capacity

Available in 4 Styles

Improved, BPA-Free Plastic Internal Frame

Double Bearings

Backwards Compatible

Comandante Specifications

Diameter: 2.4"
Height: 6.3"
Weight: 1.63 lbs.
Outer Burr Size: 39mm
Inner Burr Size: 30mm
Burr Type: Conical Steel Burrs
Burr Material: Patented High-Alloyed High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel
Body Material: Stainless Steel (Wood Veneer)
Axle: Stainless Steel
Axle Bearings: 2x Stainless Steel Micro Ball Bearing with Rubber Seals
Crank: Stainless Steel
Crank-Knob: 100% Natural Oak Wood (Hand-Made in Black Forest)

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Additional Information

Available Colors:
American Cherry;Black;Burgundy;Cobalt;Virginia Walnut;Alpine Lagoon;Copper Mountain;Racing Green;Snow White;Sunset
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