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December Coffee Dripper

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Thanks to a clever and simple innovation, the December Dripper is so much more than another pour-over device. The adjustable flow rate and a flat-bottom design will add a good deal of versatility to your brewing setup.

Designed by Nick Cho and Youngmin Lee, the December Dripper offers a very unique, but simple addition to classic pour-over brewing: control over the flow rate as the brew bed drains. With a simple turn of the dripper's base, you can select from three different flow rates, or shut off the flow almost entirely. It may not sound like much, but that extra level of control can add a good deal of versatility to a dripper. While some pour-over devices might be more restrictive in their batch sizes, the December Dripper can adapt to a much wider range of brewing conditions. You can just as easily brew a single small cup of coffee - using a lower flow setting - as you can brew a full liter-sized batch - with the flow set to max. You can even adjust flow rate mid-brew, so you can limit the flow for your bloom and first pour to allow for more contact and thorough extraction, then open it up for faster flow for the latter half of the brew to allow better washing of the grinds and give yourself more control over total brew time. The possibilities here are myriad, and that's really exciting for such a simple brewing device.

The December Dripper is made in South Korea from stainless steel and PTFE, with a silicone sleeve. All the parts are dishwasher safe, and the base and brewer can be detached by removing the screw using an allen wrench (not included).

Flow rate stages:

  • Stage 0 is when the flow rate is "closed." There are no holes open in this stage, however there may be a trickle of liquid out of the dripper. This is simply because of slight variations in manufacturing. Stage 0 may be useful for extended blooms, immersion-style brewing, extending contact time, or brewing iced coffee.
  • Stage 1 is the lowest flow rate, optimized for small brews of 10-12 fl oz. We have enjoyed 8 fl oz brews with this setting as well, using Stage 0 for an extended 45-50 second bloom phase.
  • Stage 2 is optimized for medium brews of 14-16 fl oz. This setting is about 50% slower than a steel 185 Kalita Wave, in our experience.
  • Stage 3 is the fastest flow rate, optimized for large brews over 16 fl oz. We've found that this setting is about 30% faster than a steel 185 Kalita Wave. We have also brewed full 1 liter batches on this setting with good results, but keep in mind that large doses like this are pushing the limits of the dripper's capacity.

What's in the box:

  • December Dripper
  • Silicone sleeve
  • Use and care card


  • Flat-bottom dripper with adjustable flow rate
  • Four flow rate stages: 0 - closed, 1 - low flow for single cup brewing, 2 - medium flow for 1-2 cups, 3 - high flow for batches up to 1 liter
  • PTFE flow valve for smooth and easy adjustment between stages
  • Versatile brewing device for many varied style of brewed coffee
  • Brew one small cup or one large batch with a single device
  • Easily experiment with flow rates during brewing to further dial in your favorite recipes
  • Compatible with Kalita 185 filters, as well as Gino filters
  • Made of stainless steel, PTFE, and silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in South Korea
Model: December Dripper
Brew style: Manual drip/pour-over, with adjustable flow rate
Filters: Kalita Wave 185 or notNeutral Gino
Capacity: Up to 70 grams, brews up to 1 L
Dimensions: 4.5 in W x 4.5 in D x 3.25 in H
Materials: Stainless steel, PTFE disk, silicone sleeve

December Coffee Dripper

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