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Espro BLOOM on counter

Patented Microfilter Design

Espro has reimagined the idea of the pour over with their new and uniquely designed Espro BLOOM. Closely resembling a typical flat-bottom brewer, the BLOOM's patented micro-filter, crafted with over 1500 holes mindfully cut in a spiral pattern, sets it apart from the rest. This, along with its deep brew bed and wide mouth, work to evenly distribute the water across the grounds and produce a delightful, evenly-extracted cup of pour over coffee time and time again.

Espro BLOOM brewing coffee

Fast, Filtered Coffee

The micro-filter design not only produces phenomenal coffee, but also brews 30% faster than most other pour over brewers. So rather than wait four or even six minutes for your coffee to brew, you can enjoy coffee brewed in the BLOOM in just two minutes! Its steep angles and micro-filter encourage a faster draw-down thanks to water height applying more pressure to the bed. With the BLOOM, perfectly balanced coffee brewed in only two minutes can become a morning routine reality.

Espro BLOOM with filter

Practical Design

The BLOOM's stainless steel design means no more worrying about shattering your glass or ceramic drippers. Strong and durable, it is safe from any fumble, stumble, or slip. Along with durability, the BLOOM is dressed with a silicone slip that helps retain the heat while providing protection against unwanted burns.

Dual-Mode Brewing

With the BLOOM comes the choice to brew with a BLOOM Paper Filter or without. Brew a cleaner cup with the BLOOMS paper filters, or brew a rich and full-bodied cup using the innovative micro-filter design.

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    Patented design flat bottom brewer

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    Dishwasher safe

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    Use with or without paper filters

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    Brews 1-2 cups

More Features

Micro-filter design

Makes coffee in as little as 2 minutes

Made of Stainless Steel

Silicone sleeve to prevenet burns

Bypass port to view level of coffee in cup or carafe


MaterialStainless Steel and Silicone
Diameter:4.1 in
Height:3.3 in

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