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The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is made to focus specifically on grinding for brewed coffee, and it does that very, very well. With large 64 mm flat burrs and 31 grind settings available you’ll get cafe quality grinds consistently out of this compact powerhouse.


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What’s in the box

  • Ode brew grinder
  • Owner’s manual
  • Safety instructions
  • Brush


As Fellow designed the Ode brew grinder they kept one major idea in mind—when grinders try to be versatile enough to make both espresso and filter coffee they have to make concessions on both sides. So in creating their very first grinder Fellow decided to go all-in and make a machine meant to be the perfect home brew grinder. With 31 adjustment steps taking you from the very fine Aeropress and Prismo brews all the way up to cold brew coarseness you still get broad versatility that centers around the full spectrum of filter coffee. In keeping with the Fellow Products dedication to quality you’ll also find features like a single dose hopper so that you grind only what you need, a smart speed PID controlled motor for greater consistency throughout the dose, and large 64 millimeter flat stainless steel burrs made to give you cafe-quality grinds with long life and performance.



The Ode excels at making your coffee grinding process amazingly straight-forward with intentional choices and a penchant for minimal design. The single dose hopper means that you can weigh your beans before grinding and trust that you’re getting exactly what you need (+/- 0.5 grams) without relying on an internal scale or timer. The grind adjustment all happens with a large stepped knob on the front of the machine, with recommended grind settings for however you brew printed inside of the lid of the hopper for reference. The grinds catch is magnetically aligned with the chute, keeping grounds from ending up all over your counter before you’ve had your coffee, and we’ve found that the magnet on the catch is strong enough to work well for alignment but isn’t so strong that it affects a brewing scale that you might use it on. The Ode also gives you just a single button to start your machine, relying on some smart programming and its PID controlled motor to know when it’s finished grinding, shutting itself off once all of the beans are ground.



If you’re a fan of Fellow Products already it certainly won’t surprise you, this grinder is a wonderful looking piece of equipment. Simple looks and clean lines define the visuals, and with such a small footprint you’d be hard pressed to find a countertop too cluttered for the Ode. While it obviously would fit right in next to your Fellow Stagg EKG or your Carter travel mug you can also be sure that it won’t take up too much space, physically or visually, in nearly any setting.


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Smart PID controlled burr speed

stepless icon

64 mm stainless steel burrs

stepped icon

31 step adjustment

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Designed Specifically to grind for brewed coffee

More Features

Auto-off function when all coffee is ground

Single dose grinder

Magnetically aligned grinds catch

Recommended grind settings included on the hopper lid


Model: Fellow Products Ode Brew Grinder
Dimensions: 9.4″x 4.2″x 9.5″ (239mm x 105mm x 241.5mm)
Weight: 4.56 kgs
Capacity: 80 g
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Size: 64 mm
Burr Material: stainless steel
Electrical: 120 v, 1.3 A, 60 Hz, 140 W

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Even Better Than the Banana

This piece has all of the conceptual elegance of the banana but doesn’t rot and shrink out of it’s duck tape holster. Prima, bravo on this artistic revelation, and what a steal! Fine art never usually comes this cheap, folks.

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