Hario Heat Resistant Coffee Decanter - 400 mL & 600 mL

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In Japanese, Hario means "The King of Glass". Since its founding in 1921, this Japanese company has been manufacturing top-quality glassware for home- and industrial-use. Hario's lineup of servers is designed to complement their V60 pour over coffee dripper. 

These sleek decanters are available in two sizes, 400 milliliters for 1-2 cup brews and 600 milliliters for 3-4 cup brews. The 400 mL decanter has an opening of about 7 cm in diameter, and the 600 mL opening measures about 8.2 cm, so both fit neatly underneath most V60 01 or 02 cones (Note: Due to some dimensional changes over the years some size 02 cones may not fit the 400 mL decanter properly.). This easy compatibility makes these decanters ideal for cafes and homes alike.

  • Microwave-safe
  • Durable, heat-resistant glass
  • Available in 400 milliliter (13 ounces) and 600 milliliter (22 ounces) sizes
  • Wide mouth for compatibility with common brewers


Manufacturer: Hario Hario
Model: HCD-2T HCD-600T
Capacity: 400mL 600mL
Dimensions: W111 × D90 × H138mm W125 x D104 x H165mm
Shipping weight: 1 pound 1 pound
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