Hario V60 Filter Changes

One tabless filter, with the title written on it, slightly overlaying a tabbed filter.

As many have realized, Hario's V60 filters have changed. Hario has updated some of their manufacturing techniques with new equipment and processes, making some tweaks to their classic design. This has resulted in a new look—a tab on one side and a slightly modified texture.

When we received our first shipment of tabbed filters, we were a bit apprehensive as they had gotten such a bad rap in the coffee community. So we set about testing them against the tabless version to see what the differences were. After extensive testing, we want to clear the air a bit and talk about the coming changes, what to expect and what to do if you are having significantly longer brew times.

But first, a bit of history. Sometime in the last couple of years, a version of these filters started showing up, especially from online retailers like Amazon. People were reporting extremely long brew times, sometimes extending the drain time up to 2 minutes longer. This led to “tabgate” with much frustration expressed at the unexpected change in brewing parameters. It is important to note that the filters sold in the early years of tabbed filters were not the same as the those now available through our website. They were a different SKU and were not made for sale in the US.

While the new tabbed filters that are now available do have some changes from the classic tabbed filters, they are different from the first batches that caused so much consternation. With that being said, let’s dive into our tests and results.

What to Expect

As you can tell by looking at them, the Hario filters have received some slight cosmetic changes. They’ve not only received a tab but also a slightly denser look. The old filters feel softer and a little flimsier, while the tabbed filter feels starchier and a little rougher. In fact, using an Acaia Lunar, the old, untabbed filter weighed 1.2g, while the new tabbed filter weighed 1.4g. Yet, while there is a slight increase in total weight, they remain the same size and shape as before.

When it comes to brewing with these filters, our extensive testing did not result in the same long brew times that many were reporting. For the most part, using the exact same brewing parameters, we saw a 10 second difference, which is hardly anything to worry about. However, when we used a budget hand grinder, we did see differences of 30 to 45 seconds. This is likely due to the fact that budget hand grinders produce more fines, leading us to believe that these filters are a bit more susceptible to clogging or stalling.

Now, we are not trying to discount or dismiss the experiences of those who have had extremely long brew times. They were widely reported, and we believe them. What we are saying is the filters that are currently available do not have the same problem. They are different from the original tabbed filters.

That being said, with Hario’s new techniques and material, you will likely see some variation from what you are used to seeing. While it should not extend the brew time by two minutes, you might see a slight difference, requiring you to tweak your recipe a bit. This will mostly be the case in large brews and with grinders that produce a lot of fines.

What to Do

While 10 seconds isn’t much to worry about, 30-45 is kind of a big deal. The first thing that we would say is taste it. When brewing coffee, the important thing is flavor. If you like the result, there is no need to worry about the extended brew time.

However, if you are getting bad results, then we would suggest coarsening up your grind a bit. Take it a few notches coarser, and see if that helps. At the very worst, you may have to change your recipe up just a little. But since these changes are going to be the new standard for all size filters, both white and natural, it will probably be necessary at some point.

Now, if you absolutely hate this and want to avoid this change at all costs, you can purchase the packs of 40 filters instead of the packs of 100. Although it may be a little inconvenient, Hario has told us that for the foreseeable future the packs of 40 are going to be the old, untabbed filters.


In the end, we think you’ll be pretty satisfied with these new tabbed filters. The changes are fairly minimal, and we haven’t found that there is that dramatic of a difference. We are able to say pretty confidently that we can stand behind these new filters and that it’s possible to get just as good of brews out of them.

However, if you are seeing substantial differences, be sure to taste it, and then coarsen up your grind a bit. Flavor is more important than brew time, so just play around with it until you get what you like. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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Try rinsing the newer filters in the funnel with plenty of cold tap water that you dump out instead of letting it run through. Seems to help a lot with my brewing times.

I did about as good of a test as I could do at home, and the new tabbed filters took 49 sec longer for me. https://www.reddit.com/r/Coffee/comments/8cb4qu/test_hario_v60_new_tabbed_filters_vs_old/

Holy cow, I just realized I necro'd the bejeebers outta this. I had googled "commercial french press" and this was like the second or third link. Happy 2018!

You would think that some genius engineer would figure out how to make a "commercial size" french press for just such operations. A 1.5 - 2 gallon urn, using something like a Bunn to produce the volume of hot water needed, then pull the large urn out, put a lid with a press on it. Make it with the tap just a bit above the bottom, above the point where a full load of grounds and the press would sit. BAM! Or perhaps make the lid with a feature that allows the lid to double function as a pump, like high end airpots. Gourmet coffee shops that do high volume service would turn something like that into a gold mine.

Hello Jayke. It would be best to contact our sales team for assistance, so we can help you troubleshoot as you go. Give us a call at 1-888-837-7892 if you still need some help. Thanks!

hi i just receive the grinder today,can anyone help me to set upit?thank u

Jesse Gordon - Jubala Village Coffee

As an update to our last comment, these will officially be going into production!  More info here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

Great, glad it made it!  We'd love to hear more of your thoughts and DISK Fine recipes. When you get a chance to experiment more, please leave a review and your favorite recipe here: Able DISK Fine Review & Recipes (and maybe get your recipe on the package of the DISK Fine if it goes into production!).

Hi, I received it yesterday! Right now, I'm enjoying a delicious Coffee from a local Hamburgian roastery. At the first glimpse, the disc works really very good. Thank you very much for giving the disc away to us. Greetings from Germany! Florian

You're correct that you are too late for the contest :( However, keep your eyes peeled on Able's twitter feed and this blog to see the reviews and find out if they will be put into production.

I think I'm too late but I want one :)

Yes, just in time for the Championships!

I want to try! :-)

Yes please do this.

Can you also make a similar filters, that will work with different sizes og standar Bodum French Press?

Lots of Aeropress love lately :)

Exciting! Cannot wait to use it.

Fantastic. Looking forward to putting one of these to use...sounds like they'll be in the lucky hands in time for the World AeroPress Championship.

Like them ALL!

Man, lots of good entries! My vote will have to go to Kenny Smith.

Wow, those are tough choices. I would say Backporch Coffee Roasters or Kenny Smith from Sunergos Coffee. If I was forced to choose one it would be Backporch. All are really slick though!

Yeah, that Buono will be cool if it ever comes out! We'll keep trying for ya!

but the hario looks a lot more stylin! the bonavita is probably great... thanks for the quick response.  Seems like there's no telling if/when the hario will be available in the United States.

Not sure about the Hario, but we love the Bonavita electric, and you can find that here!  http://prima-coffee.com/catalog/bonavita-10-liter-electric-pouring-kettle-30895

what about the Hario electric kettle?

You can set the time for both a single and a double. If you take a look at our listing for the Anfim, there is a picture of the single and doubleshot buttons - http://prima-coffee.com/content/anfim-super-caimano-20-flat-burr-espresso-grinder Thanks!

Does it have a setting for single dose and another one for double, or just one setting?

Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle is here. http://prima-coffee.com/catalog/bonavita-10-liter-electric-pouring-kettle-30895

Fantastic!! Thanks so much!!

Wow. So, no lie, our shipment just arrived literally 15 minutes ago! We should be getting the listing up by the end of the day, and they will be available to purchase very soon!!

It looks like the BonaVita still isn't in. Will it be available before Christmas, and do you have a price point? Thanks! (different guest)

Not on the Hario, but we have some great news on a new brand, BonaVita.  They have an electric and non-electric pour-over kettle option, which we should have by the end of the month.  Also, we will be carrying their new automatic home coffee brewer. All of these items have been certified by the SCAA, making that the first electric pouring kettle and the second home brewer to do so.  Keep on the look out!  We will have them listed soon; until then you can check out this link: http://bona-vita.biz/docs/11-BV-3825B%20Spec%20LR.pdf

Any more new info about this?

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