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  • What's in the box

  • HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder and Hopper
  • Grounds Tray
  • Metal Dosing Cup
  • Metal Platform for Dosing Cup
  • Tool Kit & Brush with Case
  • User Manual
View of H1 Grind Size Chart

Every Application Considered

Few things are as important as your coffee grinder, and HeyCafe has set out to cover every base in an affordable package with the H1. While many grinders are made specifically for one purpose, be it espresso or filter brewing, the H1 boasts a wide grinding range for the home enthusiast and light-duty commercial applications alike. HeyCafe, it seems, also kept an eye on the ever-increasing popularity of single-dosing when designing the H1. Utilizing 64mm flat, hardened steel burrs coupled with the ability to grind from Turkish to French press, HeyCafe's H1 grinder may be one of the most budget-friendly answers to fresh and uniform coffee on the market today.

Adjusting the Grind Size

Smart Calibration

While many grinders available today offer some sort of digital screen to exhibit grind times, the H1's screen offers something different: a numerical representation of the distance between the burrs. As a stepless grinder, this number can be fine-tuned in increments of 0.1 for for micro-adjustments and precision grinding with the turn of a small worm gear. Just opposite the digital display is a grind settings chart which gives a broader range for every grinding application. This chart can be used as a starting point, allowing for fine-tuning until the desired particle size is achieved. Even if the grinder is turned off, the last setting is remembered, so there is no need for recalibration.

Grinding into Portafilter

Elegant Workflow

The way in which this grinder was designed shows that the minds at HeyCafe were clearly focused on reducing retention with the H1 and keeping heat transfer to a minimum. During normal operation, only 0.2 grams of ground coffee (or less) was retained, making the H1 ideal for single-dosing. Instead of the typical angled or cone-shaped exit for the grounds, a vertical chute was implemented, ensuring that every bit of coffee needed ends up in your portafilter or catch cup. Additionally, the H1 makes use of an adjustable, hands-free portafilter fork to ease workflow, and, if you're grinding for filter coffee, a small, attachable metal tray is included to hold the dosing cup.

Please note: Installing SSP burrs will void the warranty on the H1 as it is calibrated for HeyCafe's specific burr set.


    64mm Flat Burrs


    Stepless Grind Adjustment


    Quiet Operation


    Wide Grinding Range

More Features

Declumper for Fluffy Grounds

Lightweight Aluminum Body

Adjustable Portafilter Fork

Minimal Retention for Consistency

Optional Tray for Dosing Cup


Burr Size/Material: 64mm Flat Steel
Burr Life: 1100 - 1500 lbs
Average Grind Speed: 2.5 - 3 g/second
Grind Size Range: 100 μm - 900 μm
Hopper Capacity: 380 g
Power: 110V/250W/60Hz
Duty Cycle: 40% On/60% Off
Dimensions: 9 in. (W) × 18.5 in. (H) × 5.4 in. (D)
Weight: 17.2 lbs.

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