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Brew Method: Pour Over

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The Kalita Wave implements a chopped-cone shape with a flat bottom. At the bottom of the wave drippers (Ceramic and Stainless) there are three triangulated holes that are connected by a raised edge that helps keep the filter from suctioning flush against the bottom. The Wave filters create a wedge against the edge of the dripper helping promote temperature stability.


Rinse the filter out with hot water, pouring direcly in the middle until the water reaches near the top of the filter and then allowing it to drain out. We then recommend pouring just enough water to wet the coffee ground and letting it sit for 30-45 seconds (or until the coffee bloom deflates). At this point begin pouring slowly in concentric circles until the water volume is near the top (don't pour too close to the filter).Once the dripper is full let it drain out for 10-20 seconds. At this point continue the fill and drain process until you have reached the water volume desired. For beginning brewing parameters we recommend: ~ 6 grams of coffee per 100 milliliters of water (medium grind), 42g/700mL in a 185 size, 24g/400mL in a 155 size, ~205° water temperature, and a 3-3:30 minute total brew time.


The design of the Kalita Wave leaves a lot more margin for error than other pour over brewers as the flat-bottom does not necessitate as careful of a pouring technique. As with other pour over brewing methods the Kalita is quick (2-4 minutes) and easy to clean up.

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