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Kalita wave brewer

A Pour Over Anyone Can Use

Featuring a flat-bottomed design and proprietary filters the Kalita Wave is a manual brewer built with purpose. Its focus on producing consistent brews and even extractions through its simple but effective design makes it one of the most approachable, easy-to-use pour over devices available. With the Wave you can trust that you’ll get delicious, full-flavored brews time and time again without any extra fussing around before you’ve had your coffee.

Kalita wave brewer

Even Extraction Extraordinaire

Most brewers are capable of a quality extraction given the right technique and knowledge, but few pour over drippers make it as easy as the Kalita Wave. Its flat-bottom build gives you a consistent brew bed that keeps water moving through your grounds evenly, the three outlet holes at the bottom are connected by a raised ridge to keep your filter from getting stuck to the brewer and restricting your flow, and the proprietary Wave filters keep most of the water and coffee away from the sides of the brewer to increase temperature stability. All of these seemingly small choices come together to make the Kalita Wave a pour over dripper perfect for new brewers and professionals looking for consistently delicious coffee alike.

Kalita wave brewer

Pick Your Perfect Wave

No matter your need there’s a Wave for you. Available in two sizes, the smaller 155 and the larger 185, you can get the right dripper for either 1–2 cups or 3–4 cups. You can also choose from three different materials—either sleek glass, beautiful and hefty ceramic, or rugged stainless steel—to be sure you’ve got the right pour over device for your coffee routine. Whether you need an attractive brewer for a quick morning cup or a durable dripper for a camping adventure you can rely on the Kalita Wave to come through clutch.

"Great dripper. Very easy to use. Tried continuous and pulse pouring. Highly recommend."

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—Brett, Verified Buyer

"perfect for my single mug every morning and handsome enough to stay on the counter"

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-Louis, Verified Buyer

"Bought one for trying in our coffee lab. Still working out the parameters for our coffee, but can already tell that this a king among the pour over devices."

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-Alexelkip, Verified Buyer

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    Flat-bottom dripper

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    Uses proprietary Wave filters

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    2 sizes available

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    3 material options

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