Mazzer Robur S Electronic Espresso Grinder

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A Brand New Robur

As evidenced by the company’s recent releases, including the ZM, Kold S, and Robur S, the technology in Mazzer grinders is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The Robur S, which replaces and is a major update to the Robur E, is a robust commercial grinder built for high-volume cafes. The 71mm conical burr set and motor remain the same, but the interface has been expanded to include 19 languages, cloud connectivity, and readings for total and partial dose, daily grinding statistics, and service / worn burr alerts. The Robur S grinds up to an impressive 5g/s at a modest 420RPM with 52% less retention than its predecessor, and it has dual fans to maintain a favorable temperature in the grind chamber, even during rushes. The housing for the center burr has also been rethought to allow easy access for cleaning, as has the Memory Track adjustment collar, which makes it easier to index grind settings. The new Grind Flow Control system includes three wire dampers to reduce static and clumping.


  • Grind speeds up to 5g/s
  • 52% less retention than previous Robur
  • Easy burr-cleaning design
  • Modern interface with useful readings and alerts
  • Programmable dose times down to hundreth of a second
  • Dual fans
  • Cloud connectivity
  • 19 languages
  • Grind Flow Control
  • Memory Track grind setting indexing


Model: Robur S
Height: 28.50"
Width: 10"
Depth: 11.50"
Hopper Capacity: 1600 g.
Weight: 62 lbs.
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