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notNeutral - GINO Glass Coffee Server - 20 oz

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Elegance in design is where notNeutral excels, and this is immediately apparent with the GINO decanter. The slender carafe tapers gently at the base, showcasing your freshly-brewed coffee through crystal-clear glass. Its vacuum sealed double-wall design means your brew stays hot for hours, so you can look on in admiration as long as you like.

Designed to match the GINO Glass Dripper, or simply look great as a centerpiece on your table, the GINO decanter is a prize for any coffee collection. It will hold about 20 oz. of coffee, and features a food-grade silicone lid to help keep the heat in. The vacuum insulation both keeps the coffee warm, and keeps the outer surface cool so you can handle the carafe in comfort. All parts are dishwasher safe as well, so you can keep your carafe looking sparkly clean without hassle.

  • Holds about 20 oz. of coffee
  • Vacuum sealed double-wall glass
  • Insulated to keep your coffee warm for hours
  • Food-grade silicone lid
  • Handle-free design to match the GINO dripper
  • Dishwasher safe
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