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With the REMI, Option-O has updated the beloved Helor 101, giving it a slighter profile, an innovative magnetic grinds-catch seal, and a roomier hopper, all to great effect for the user experience.


3 lbs
12 in
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What’s in the box

  • Option-O REMI manual grinder with removable grinds catch and crank arm assembly
  • Felt case with custom slots for grinder, crank arm, and accessories
  • Pin tool for assembly and disassembly
  • Welcome card


Option-O approached the Helor 101 redesign with an old adage in mind: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Much of the 101 worked very well. The REMI, like its predecessor, features a similar aluminum unibody frame—meaning it is milled from a single block of metal for structural integrity—, two steel bearings for stable axle rotation, 38mm conical steel burrs capable of grinding on the spectrum from Aeropress through French Press, and a stepless grind-adjustment wheel for the perfectionist in all of us. This iteration likewise includes a silicone grip band, which can be moved up or down on the barrel according to grip preference or removed for a clean appearance, and an ergonomic crank arm tipped with a beechwood pommel. This is good news for the grinder—fewer slips means fewer scratches—and elbows alike.



On the other hand, Option-O has refined some of the less inspired features of the 101. The grinds-catch, for instance, which previously used a silicone seal, now uses an innovative magnetic locking mechanism wherein nine magnets on the grinds-catch lock to nine magnets on the grinder barrel. The result is an easy and pleasing experience. To connect, simply hold the grind-catch close to the barrel and they will snap together with a satisfying click. To disconnect, simply twist and pull them gently apart. The hopper, too, has been improved. In the 101, the barrel was cluttered with three support struts, making it difficult to load the beans without some spillage. With the REMI, Option-O kept only two struts, leaving more clearance in the hopper for easy loading.



The REMI comes with what the company calls “conventional” burrs, but they are anything but conventional. In fact, these burrs produce exceptional particle uniformity on par with other premium, non-espresso grinders, electric and manual alike, which means a clean cup of coffee for brewing methods like V60, Kalita Wave, and even Chemex. In the future, Option-O may release a second set of burrs, one designed for espresso, like they did for the Helor 101.


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Aluminum unibody construction

stepless icon

38mm conical steel burrs

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Stepless grind-adjustment

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Exceptional grind quality

More Features

Ergonomic crank arm

Comfortable wooden pommel

Silicone grip sleeve

Magnetic grinds-catch connection


Model: Option-O REMI Hand Grinder
Diameter: 52mm (176mm with crank arm)
Height: 160mm (195mm with crank arm)
Weight: 478g (595.5g with crank arm)
Burr Material: Steel
Burr Type: Conical
Burr Size: 38mm
Hopper Capacity: Max 35g
Materials: Aluminum, steel, beechwood, silicone

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4.6 stars, based on 5 reviews

Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/19/2020 2:48:03 AM

5 / 5 stars

A solid grinder.

Coming from a LIDO E this grinder feels excellent. Much more compact and a significant upgrade in usability with equal if not better grind performance. Looking forward to trying the espresso burrs when they release. The streamlined construction is also a welcome plus. Cleaning and reassembly is fairly straight forward and there's really nothing to mess up. Definitely a great manual grinder.

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/14/2020 7:01:31 PM

5 / 5 stars


this is the finest quality grinder I have ever held. Now I am not an expert and I usualy drink tea, but this grinder has been absolutely amazing! And it is perfect for my French press.

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/4/2020 11:44:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Great Product and Fantastic Customer Service

The REMI is a great choice for a hand grinder - sweet spot of performance, looks, and price. I bought this to replace a Baratza Virtuoso and am very happy so far. My experience with Prima for this purchase was also top-notch!

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/23/2020 4:25:12 PM

4 / 5 stars

A little disappointed

This grinder works great, and looks great. I was disappointed in how easily the metal dings. If you put it down too hard the bottom even gets all bent. It's good they give you a case for it, because if you are traveling with it you will need it. If I were to purchase a travel grinder over again, I would have gotten a different one.

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/17/2020 11:52:37 AM

4 / 5 stars

Not as big as I thought.

I wanted to use this grinder for my preferred ratio of 36g of beans to 470g water for french press. Prima's specs on it claim it is a 35g capacity. I only found the hopper to hold 30g of beans. I know a lot could depend on bean size and how tightly they pack, but I decided I couldn't live with this grinder so I can't comment on grind quality, only that I returned it after weighing beans in the hopper.

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