Origami Brew Bundle

The Brew Bundle is currently shipping with V60 filters instead of the original Origami filters
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  • Origami Brew Bundle
  • Origami Brew Bundle with Mahlkonig X54 Grinder


Ready, Set, Brew

The Origami dripper offers a beautiful way to brew coffee while allowing for the use of either cone-shaped or flat-bottomed filters. In this kit, you'll receive the Cafec conical paper filters that have been made with the Origami specifically in mind. These filters are made from virgin pulp and are naturally cleaner than most other bleached filters, providing a cleaner overall brew. Also included in this kit is the Peak Water Pitcher Starter Set, which helps to filter out any impurities in your water that may affect the taste of your coffee. Two water test strips are also included to ensure that your water falls within the best standards for your brews. This kit is great for those who are just starting to brew coffee at home, and can even be used to make great coffee while traveling.

Origami Brew Bundle with Mahlkonig X54 Grinder


  • Includes all components to begin brewing with the Origami
  • The Peak Water pitcher offers a much better water alternative to tap water
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