Orphan Espresso Apex Manual Grinder

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  • Apex manual grinder
  • Top view of Ghost Tooth flat burrs for Apex manual grinder
  • Hand-blown glass catch-cup for Apex manual grinder
  • 4-1 planetary gear drive of the Apex manual grinder
  • Close-up of the hand-blown glass catch-cup for Apex manual grinder
  • Pre-drilled holes in the Apex base
  • Apex view from the back
  • Apex accessories
  • Bottom view of Ghost Tooth flat burrs for Apex manual grinder

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  • What's in the box

  • Apex manual coffee grinder
  • Apex glass catch cup
  • Silicone mat for base
  • Spring auger assembly
  • Allen wrench
  • 6 silicone anti-slip gel pads
  • Instruction manual
orphan espresso apex on a cutting board next to a houseplant

Unlike Other Hand Grinders

Orphan Espresso opens the instruction manual by confidently proclaiming that the Apex is "unlike other hand coffee grinders": a modest understatement at best. The Apex is unlike other grinders, period, because of its enormous, flat Ghost Tooth burrs (78mm rotating and 75mm stationary) whose pyramidal molars chew even the densest light roasts down to incredibly uniform particles while producing remarkably few fines. What's more, the burrs are bidirectional, allowing clockwise or counterclockwise, left- or right-hand operation, an especially useful feature when a dense bean or two slows the grinding process, as at times they will, and a brief reverse of direction solves the problem.

someone grinding coffee with the orphan espresso Apex

4x Faster & 4x Easier

Most premium manual grinders have burrs, dual bearings, an axle, and a crank arm with which to turn the axle and, as a result, the rotating burr. Pretty simple. But the Apex is not most grinders nor a simple machine. Among its vital differences are a four-to-one planetary gear drive, five bearing sets (yes, five!), and bean-feeding system (with a spring-auger, funnel, and impeller), among others. The planetary gear drive makes grinding four-times quicker and easier because for each rotation of the crank arm, the rotating burr travels four revolutions, getting four passes at the beans. To achieve the recommended 400-480 RPM, then, only 100-120 cranks per minute are needed. In addition, the design of the hopper ensures that the beans feed efficiently into the burrs and the roller and needle bearings ensure that the axle stays on center.

someone pouring a cup of coffee into a Heart Coffee Roasters mug next to the Apex

A Permanent Fixture

A manual grinder of this size and sophistication should be a fixture in the kitchen. As such, Orphan Espresso has opted for a tasteful 7-ounce (207 ml) hand-blown glass grinds-catch (which doubles as a rocks glass in a pinch!) and some thoughtful touches to keep the Apex securely on the countertop, including six silicone anti-slip gel pads and four pre-drilled mounting holes, making one-handed operation possible.

  • range icon

    Impressive particle uniformity

  • steel icon

    75mm/78mm flat ghost tooth burrs

  • stepped icon

    Easy grind adjustment lever

  • parts icon

    4-to-1 planetary gear drive for speedier grinding

More Features

Bi-directional burrs

Funnel and optional spring-auger for bean feeding

Hand-blown glass grinds catch

5 bearing sets

Model: Orphan Apex Manual Hand Grinder
Dimensions: 11.5" tall, 13" from back to front, and 5" wide at base
Weight: 11.13 lbs
Capacity: 60 g
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Size: 77 and 75mm
Burr Material: Stainless Steel

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