Manual Espresso Kit

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Maybe you are traveling, stuck in a hotel, and wishing you had some source of espresso available other than the pod-based brewer sitting on the counter. Maybe you are craving the perfect espresso while camping by a lake in the summer or curled up by the warmth of a bonfire on a chilly autumn evening. Maybe the breakroom coffee at the office leaves a lot to be desired and you wish you had non-bulky equipment to make your own. Whatever your situation, look no further. We've got the perfect solution: our Espresso Travel Kit!

Comprised of the Cafelat Robot Barista Manual Espresso Maker and the 1Zpresso J-Max hand grinder, this kit will provide you with the tools you need to make your own espresso anytime you are craving a shot. With no power required, all you will need is a source of hot water and your favorite beans.

The high-quality, non-electric mobile espresso set-up is durable, efficient, and perfect for the on-the-go coffee connoisseur and the avid woodsman. Let the Manual Espresso Kit take all your future adventures to the next level.

What's in the Box:

  • Cafelat Robot Barista Manual Espresso Maker
  • 1Zpresso J-Max Hand Grinder


  • Everything you need to make honest-to-goodness espresso on the go! You just need hot water and your favorite espresso beans!
  • Perfect for camping, road trips, the office, or at home
  • Espresso Maker with premium metal components and pressure gauge
  • Grinder with 48mm conical steel burr set and fine threaded adjustment that are ideal for dialing in espresso
  • High quality tools to use for many adventures to come
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