Lagom P64 Coffee Socks

  • Lagom P64 Coffee Socks
  • Lagom P64 Coffee Socks
  • Lagom P64 Coffee Socks


The Lagom P64 Flat Burr Single-Dosing Coffee Grinder is, without a doubt, one of the most popular coffee grinders on the market. Our very own Copley Allen designed socks with a P64 pattern, and we had to have them made! Show off your love for coffee and for the Lagom P64 by wearing these socks. These socks are lightweight and breathable and are made from cotton, spandex, nylon, and elastic for a comfortable fit. Guaranteed to up your coffee brewing game!

Lagom P64 Socks

What's in the Box

  • One Pair of Lagom P64 Socks


  • Crew socks: approximately 11” in length
  • Jacquard/Knitted
  • Lightweight and breathable


Designer: Copley Allen
Materials: Cotton, spandex, nylon, & elastic
Sizes: Small: 3.5 - 5 M/5 - 7.5 W | Medium: 6 - 9 M/8 - 11 W | Large: 10 - 13 M/12 - 14 W
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Additional Information

Available Colors:
Dark Blue
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