Pullman Filtration Basket

  • Side-view of a Pullman Filtration Basket with a white background
  • Top-view of a Pullman Filtration Basket with a white background.
  • Bottom-view of a Pullman Filtration Basket with a white background.
  • A Pullman Filtration Basket turned upside down with a Big Step Tamper on top of it with a white background.


The more we advance in the coffee industry, the more we understand the need for greater precision, especially when it comes to espresso. Pullman recognized the lack of precision when it came to tampers, developing the Big Step tamper that takes advantage of compacting your puck as fully as possible reducing edge channeling and donut extractions while increasing extraction yields.

However, these benefits were hindered by inconsistent portafilter basket diameters, resulting in limited compaction or even jammed tampers. This led Pullman to tackle the issue of portafilter baskets, leading to the development of the Pullman Filtration Basket.

Available in two different sizes (17-19g and 19-22g), the ridgeless portafilter basket is hand measured in order to guarantee an internal diameter of 58.70mm, the perfect fit for the Big Step tamper base (58.55mm) as well as tampers ranging from 58-58.4mm. And with consistent hole diameters of 0.3 +/-0.02mm, you have even less of a chance of uneven extraction. This attention to detail gives the Pullman Filtration Basket a leg up over typical OEM baskets. Please note that Pullman baskets in used condition cannot be returned.

Basket Depth Measurement

  • 17-19g = 23.65mm
  • 19-22g = 26.30mm


  • Hand measured to guarantee an internal diameter of 58.70mm
  • Consistent hole diameter of 0.3 +/-0.02mm
  • No burrs, scratches, or misshapen holes
  • AISI 304 material, compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive, FDA, and ROHS
  • Designed for BigStep Base (58.55mm), though works well with any tamper having a diameter of 58-58.4mm
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Additional Information

Available Colors:
Stainless Steel
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