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The more we advance in the coffee industry, the more we understand the need for greater precision, especially when it comes to espresso. Pullman recognized the lack of precision when it came to tampers, developing the Big Step tamper that takes advantage of compacting your puck as fully as possible—reducing edge channeling and donut extractions while increasing extraction yields.

However, these benefits were hindered by inconsistent portafilter basket diameters, resulting in limited compaction or even jammed tampers. This led Pullman to tackle the issue of portafilter baskets, leading to the development of the Pullman Filtration Basket.

Available in two different sizes (17-19g and 19-22g), the ridgeless portafilter basket is hand measured in order to guarantee an internal diameter of 58.70mm, the perfect fit for the Big Step tamper base (58.55mm) as well as tampers ranging from 58-58.4mm. And with consistent hole diameters of 0.3 +/-0.02mm, you have even less of a chance of uneven extraction. This attention to detail gives the Pullman Filtration Basket a leg up over typical OEM baskets.



  • Hand measured to guarantee an internal diameter of 58.70mm
  • Consistent hole diameter of 0.3 +/-0.02mm
  • No burrs, scratches, or misshapen holes
  • AISI 304 material, compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive, FDA, and ROHS
  • Designed for BigStep Base (58.55mm), though works well with any tamper having a diameter of 58-58.4mm

Basket Depth Measurement

  • 17-19g = 23.65mm
  • 19-22g = 26.30mm
4 stars, based on 5 reviews

Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

7/9/2020 8:57:17 PM

5 / 5 stars

All that's left to improve is Barista error

The Pullman Basket is great! With a great grinder, great coffee distribution tools, and a Pullman Tamper... all that's left to improve is me.

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

12/23/2019 4:51:33 PM

5 / 5 stars

Great with my new Big Step Tamper

These baskets are a must if you’re investing in an oversized tamper. We love the wider hole distribution that allows us to extract all the way to the edge of the puck.

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

8/18/2019 3:44:56 PM

3 / 5 stars

well made, less desirable

I found these baskets to be very well-made and did use it and match tamper however I was not as happy with the need to go significantly finer and found that even with my meter this grinder the amount of space Between the screen in the puck for the same dosages was too large for clean puck disposal in a high volume shop

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Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

9/23/2019 1:01:51 AM

2 / 5 stars

Pullman Baskets

I love the Pullman Tampers so I decided to get some Pullman baskets. They did ok but just could not get them to pull shot like I wanted. I used them for a week at my shop and went back to my CMA baskets. I’m really anal about quality and theses did not make the cut. So I have 3 doubles and 3 triples that are looking for a home.

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Verified Reviewer

4/5/2019 7:12:18 AM

5 / 5 stars

Best precision baskets on the market!

I tried these side by side with VST and Decent baskets and thought the Pullman baskets produced sweeter, richer shots with more flavor clarity compared to the others. The other baskets are by no means lousy, I simply found the Pullman's made better-tasting espresso to my palette, using the same coffee. I've only used the 17-19g baskets, keeping the dose within that range, but I've up-dosed to 20g on occasion and still had great shots. I love these!

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